Exclusive Kinsta Reviews 2022 | Is Kinsta Hosting Worth Your Obsession?

Kinsta Reviews, Kinsta Hosting, Kinsta Plans and Kinsta Pricing – Is It A Good Hosting For You?

When it comes to hosting a website online you need a best good hosting for your website or blog. Having a great web hosting for your website becomes much more essential if you are going to run your best business idea through your website on WordPress. One such hosting is kinsta hosting and this today’s post is going to be all about kinsta reviews.

There are plenty of best blogging platforms are available over the internet to build your website and for all you have many hosting providers to make use of.

But when it comes to WordPress specifically, you need a hosting that is especially designed to manage your WordPress and your website in order to provide great performance for your readers and audiences.

One such great premium WordPress managed hosting is the Kinsta Hosting that offers best managed wordpress hosting irrespective of small or large websites.



What is Kinsta Hosting?

A Kinsta or Kinsta Hosting is one of the managed WordPress hosting providers in the world which helps you take care of all of your needs of your website. The Kinsta runs their own servers to offer you great hosting services with great immense support.



Kinsta Reviews | Kinsta Hosting – Is It A Well Managed WordPress Hosting? [2022]

If you are looking for a Kinsta review which tells you all about kinsta and want to know more aboue kinsta hosting, kinsta pricing, and kinsta plans, then you are in the right place.

In fact, when it comes to managed WordPress hosting providers there are two hostings which comes in mind of anyone, viz., Kinsta Hosting and WP Engine Hosting. The best part of these hosting providers is that they offer wordpress specific managed hosting services in different plans as per your needs and requirements.

However, in this today’s post we will be taking you through the complete in-depth review guide of kinsta host – a managed wordpress hosting.


About Kinsta Host

The Kinsta started its operations and was founded in 2013 with the goal and vision of offering managed WordPress hosting services across the world. With the desire to change the status quo they began their journey to create the best managed WordPress hosting platform to its customers.

With this approach now the Kinsta is recognized as one of the best hosting platforms that offers managed WordPress hosting all over the world that makes its customers business better and life simple.

From then the Kinsta is growing at a rapid face and has become a popular managed wordpress hosting platform for thousands of clients, developers and individuals from 128 countries all over the world to manage their business by optimizing and ensuring great performance of their website.


Kinsta is really obsessed with their performance. They ensure this with their 24 Data Centers, 2,000 Weekly Support Conversations, Daily 30,000+ Gigabits of Traffic and offering 99.9% guaranteed uptime anytime.

Kinsta loves WordPress by the fact that all members of Kinsta are from WordPress community either users or developers. This is the main reason that the Kinsta has built its reputation around CMS and built Managed WordPress Hosting Platform only.

That’s why in 2018, the Kinsta has seen 262% Client Base Growth and a 97% Support Satisfaction Rating.

Kinsta Headquarters:

The kinsta hosting is one of the premium managed WordPress hosting, which is powered by Google Cloud Platform. The Kinsta host offers lightning-fast load times, 24/7 expert support, and scalable for mission-critical sites.

The kinsta headquarters is located at Los Angeles, CA. And the kinsta offices are located across the globe.


Why Kinsta Works For You?

The Kinsta basically works on 3 basic principles, viz.,

·      Peace of Mind

·      Support That Cares

·      User Friendly, Yet Powerful

With this kinsta review you will learn all about kinsta hosting and how you can better manage your WordPress.


1. Peace of Mind

The Kinsta takes care of your website in fruitful manner by always keeping your website running and monitoring. It helps you scale your managed wordpress hosting as you grow with ease by offering upgrade options to choose from. All you have to do is just focus on growing your business, the Kinsta will take care of your business like you’re taking care of your website but in an experienced and professional manner.

2. Support That Cares

The number one priority of Kinsta and anyone who is working at Kinsta is to offer Support to their Clients and Kinsta Users. Kinsta houses pro-active WordPress experts who will be at your service the moment you need them for support. They ensure great solution-based support to their clients with care.

3. User Friendly, Yet Powerful

The Kinsta is built with the intention of beginners handling. But at the same time no compromise on its advance features for those who are developers. You are a beginner? Start with a quick easy-to-install and start using its professional features right from scratch.


Kinsta Pricing and Kinsta Plans

The best part of Kinsta is that it offers multiple kinsta plans at various affordable kinsta pricing for different users. There are plenty of kinsta plans to choose from. No matter what are your requirements, a beginner or a pro, kinsta has all kinds of plans in its bucket.

All kinsta plans comes with daily backups, free migrations by their special team and staging environments. Along with these features the kinsta plans have many other premium features for different kinsta plans.


The Kinsta Plans and Kinsta Pricing:

1.     Starter Plan – $30/Month

2.   Pro Plan – $60/Month

3.   Business 1 Plan – $100/Month

4.   Business 2 Plan – $200/Month

5.   Business 3 Plan – $300/Month

6.   Business 4 Plan – $400/Month

7.    Enterprise 1 Plan – $600/Month

8.   Enterprise 2 Plan – $900/Month

9.   Enterprise 3 Plan – $1,200/Month

10.  Enterprise 4 Plan – $1,500/Month



Apart from this, the kinsta also has higher kinsta plans for hosting agencies and enterprise clients of all sizes along with dedicated virtual machines. For this you can directly contact them and can ask for specific plans as per your needs.

The Plans can be paid monthly as well as yearly. If you pay yearly, you will get 2 months free.


All Kinsta Plans include,

·      30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

·      Easily Upgrade or Downgrade

·      2 Months Free When Paid Yearly

·      No Fixed Terms Contracts

·      Instant Prorated Refunds

·      Option to Choose One of the 24 Google Cloud Platform Regional Data Centers For Each of Your Sites

·      WordPress Expert Support

·      Highly Secure Network

·      Built for Speed with Nginx, LXD containers, PHP 8.0, and MariaDB on Google Cloud Platform for Lightning Speed

·      Staging Area for Development, Testing or Tweaking and Tuning

·      Powerful Administration with Custom Kinsta Admin Panel

You can read more about kinsta hosting plans from here: More about kinsta hosting plans.

Kinsta Clients:

To name a few of the Kinsta Clients: GE, Freshbooks, Buffer, Tripadvisor, Flippa, MariaDB, Intuit, Ubisoft, Drift and so on.



Optional Add-Ons on Kinsta Plans

The other great part of Kinsta is that it offers you many optional add-ons for any kinsta host plan you have chosen right from the start. Such optional add-ons include,

1. Elasticsearch ($100/Month/Site)

A RESTful search and an analytics engine which is capable of solving a growing number of use cases.

2. Redis ($100/Month/Site)

An Open-source in-memory data structure store which is used as a database, cache and a message broker.

3. Nginx Reverse Proxy ($50/Month/Site)

It is a support to load WordPress from a selected subdirectory while a separate website loads at the root domain.

4. External Backup ($2/Month/Site + $1/GB Bandwidth

This allows you to automatically back up your entire WordPress Site either once per week or once per month either on Amazon S3 or on a Google Cloud Storage.

5. Extra Backups ($50/Month/Site for Every 6 Hours and $100/Month/Site for Every Hour)

To have option pf 24 hours of stored backup at any time for increased security and to recover more stages of your website.

6. Disk Space Add-On: +20 GB ($20/Month/Company)

This is useful for those large sites which contains lot of files and images.


Kinsta Hosting Features | Kinsta Reviews

The Kinsta has now completed more than 10 years of starting as a WordPress hosting platform and they know exactly how to best manage and provide the best managed WordPress hosting solution for their clients.

Hence, Kinsta now offers plenty of great features which you can make use of.


1. Speed Obsessive Architecture

To ensure that your website loads at lightning-fast speed, the kinsta host is equipped with latest technologies such as Nginx, LXD Software Containers, PHP 8.0, and MariaDB along with Compute-Optimized Virtual Machines. So, if you have brought kinsta plans you don’t have to worry about your website speed.

The kinsta plans also features complete resource isolation, high availability and automatic scalability.

2. High Security Network

The kinsta hosting keeps your website monitoring 24×7 uptime and ensures that your website is secured all time. It also monitors DDoS attack detection, SSL support, software-based restrictions and hardware firewalls to ensure double safety.

Kinsta stops any attacks and malicious intent which comes in contact with your website by taking active and passive measures.

3. Next Generation Infrastructure

The good thing of kinsta is that it keeps everything up to date from all the latest framework versions installed to the server hardware they use and software they run with the latest technology.

4. Google Cloud Platform

Kinsta uses google cloud platform in its 24 data centers all around the world. This helps kinsta to easily transport your data in fast and secure manner.

5. Free Site Migrations

Kinsta has its own special migration team for ensuring easy and safe migration of your website from other hosting to kinsta hosting. When you think of moving your website to kinsta, it won’t have any downtime by temporarily assigning a domain to migrate your site before its released for live.

6. Regular Uptime Checks

For every 2 minutes, the kinsta checks the status of all websites that they have hosted on their servers. This means your website will be checked 720 times for each of your site every day.

They even respond and react to any issues that even before they have arisen and affects millions of thousands of visitors.

7. Full Daily Backups

Kinsta keeps backup of your site at least once every day. If something goes wrong also you can able to the previous best state at any time. To ensure that your developments are equally safe, kinsta offers separate backups on all environments, i.e., live and staging.

8. Paid Additional Backups

If you have plenty of important files and data and need additional backups, then the kinsta also offers backup of your site for every 6 hours or even for an hour backup for additional paid fees.

9. Automatic Scaling and Flexible Architecture

The kinsta infrastructure is built on google cloud platform which allows you to use the google’s hardware in no time. This means you can scale up your website as and when you want, even when there is a sudden spike in the traffic on your website.

10. Hack Fix Guarantee

Kinsta uses and follows proactive approach to block the potential hacks. If in case for worst scenario if your website is hacked, the kinsta will fix it immediately in no time.

11. Expert WordPress Support

This is by far the best feature of kinsta being able to provide support for your website as well as for your hosting. The in-depth hands-on experience of WordPress, the members of kinsta are highly expert in the fields of WordPress. So, you get great, direct support from kinsta WordPress experts.

Being support as their number one priority, the kinsta is always comes for your support whether its troubleshooting, themes & plugin building, server maintenance and so on.

12. Knowledge Sharing  

The good part of kinsta is that they have habit and culture of sharing their knowledge with all of their team members. Whether its an issue or solution provided all things are shared to increase their knowledge base in the form of lesson learnt.

13. Fast Feedback

Kinsta is available for you 24×7 no matter where you are. They work on solving an issue as soon as it is raised. They ensure of efficient fast communication both internally and externally with the help of intercom (a unified comms system). With this you get immediate fast feedback at your fingertips.

14. 24×7 Monitoring

The unique feature of kinsta is that it keeps checking your website’s uptime for every 2 minutes. This allows them immediately respond to any downtime that occurs and always keeps your website 24×7 online. Their rigorous internal monitoring helps them to keep the servers healthy all the time.

15. Ensures 100% Solve Rate

With their internal team work and great support department the kinsta ensures 100% solve rate by solving all kinds of problems that you face such as attacks, SSL issues and so on.

16. Simplified Site Management

With the MyKinsta admin you can easily able to manage your website. Whatever it could be whether you want clone a WordPress Site, Add New Site, Deploy a Staging, Request Migration and so on. You can able to view decaled site analytics with easy-to-use interface.

17. All Tools Straight From MyKinsta Admin

MyKinsta Admin offers all the tools you need which includes cPanel, phpMyAdmin, redirects, SFTP, logs, backups and more. The great part of this also includes Application Performance Monitoring (APM) on all of their kinsta plans.



18. 24 Global Server Locations

The kinsta offers 24 Google Cloud Platform data centers across the global. So, this means you can able to choose the servers based on your targeted audience and the visitors. Having a server where your targeted visitors are there will help you load your website at lightning-fast speeds.

19. Test Before Pushing To Production

Every WordPress installed on kinsta has its own staging environment. This helps you have a complete separate from your live production website. This allows you to test any of your new themes, plugins, code or even WordPress versions too. Once you are done with testing you can easily make the changes live just with one-click push button.

20. Developer Friendly

The kinsta is built by developers for developers which allows you to find and use WP-CLI, SSH and get which are fully supported. You can even shift to any versions of PHP 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4 with just single-click directly from the MyKinsta Dashboard.

The Kinsta also allows you to enjoy the freedom of third-party plugin installations which work efficiently.

21. MyKinsta Dashboard

MyKinsta offers a great easy-to-read dashboard which allows you to manage your sites efficiently and effectively. The MyKinsta offers you a very powerful site management platform right from its dashboard.

The MyKinsta dashboard offers mesmerizing site management, complete detailed statistics, manage your DNS settings, manage billing details, use advanced site tools from kinsta and so on.

(a) Full Dashboard Control

The dashboard of MyKinsta allows you to take control of all of your websites. You can able to track bandwidth, SSL certificates, visitor stats, and so on as per your convenience.

(b) Wide-Range of Analytics

The MyKinsta platform allows you to wide range of analytics ranging from website resources to architecture performances. This means you can able to keep track of all the important data that matters for you. You can track each of your sites separately which includes tracking of bandwidth usage, visitors, response time, dispersion, cache, performance, Geo & IP, CDN usage and much more.

(c) Specifically Built WordPress Tool

The amazing part of MyKinsta is that it houses a WordPress Tool section specifically built for WordPress which allows you to manage all the tools at one place that you need for WordPress. Such tools include clear cache, SSL certificate, force HTTPS, PHP engine, Restart PHP and New Relic Monitoring.

(d) Manage Users For Access Rights

With MyKinsta you can easily manage all of your users with multi-user feature that allows you to add members as many as you can. Through this you can able to give complete access rights or just a section such as billing. 

22. Easy Migration

The kinsta allows you to install WordPress with just one click. If you are already having a website and want to migrate it to kinsta? The kinsta team will take care of this and will help you move your site with ease.

To make site migration on kinsta easier, kinsta offers the following:

·      Pick any data center from 24 global center locations depending upon your visitors

·      Pre-installed plugins such as WooCommerce and Yoast SEO including multi-site management

·      Professional migration services from enterprise plans just by filling a migration form and just will be taken care by kinsta team

·      You can easily clone any of your existing sites with ease

23. Speed and Security

·      Allows you to add as many as domains or take control of full DNS management

·      You can easily switch on the HTTPS protocol with just one-click

·      From around 34 data centers you can also able to choose built-in CDN

·      It also offers automatic backups and easy restore features

24. Analyze and Troubleshoot

The MyKinsta dashboard is packed with great content full and easy-to-understand analytics which allows you to keep track of your website traffic, performance metrics, bandwidth usage, caching and much more. You can see the complete insights of any data and will be able to fix the same in no time.

·      Helps to track visits, requests and resource usage

·      Helps to troubleshoot response codes breakdown and stats easily

·      Offers Free Performance Monitoring AMP tool that provides you all the performance results of your WordPress

·      Helps to analyze PHP, database and cache performance metrics

25. Add Unlimited Users

You can able to add unlimited users such as your colleagues or clients with the granular access settings and efficiently manage your existing development workflow.

·      Complete activity log for monitoring, user management and option to add for unlimited users

·      Easy stage-by-stage staging environment for easy development trials and one button for push to live

·      Offers extensive usage of SSH access, use Git or WP-CLI

·      Have high security controls with the option of enabling two-factor authentication

26. Full-Time Support, 24×7

Kinsta offers you with full support whenever you need with 24×7 Live Chat Support. You can get solution from well experienced engineers. The 24×7 kinsta support features the following:

·      You can reach out to kinsta 24x7x365 and there is no waiting in line as it offers one-to-one WordPress engineer support

·      The MyKinsta Dashboard can be accessed in 10 different languages which is amazing for any beginner to get started immediately

·      The kinsta approaches and follows pro-active error detection

·      Kinsta has an extensive knowledge base and team of experts with its internal communication management system

·      You can access their guides and tutorials to learn and master the WordPress easily

27. Try & Test All Features with “Try MyKinsta Demo”

The good part of Kinsta is that it allows you to try, test and have first-time hands-on experience directly by registering to their “Try MyKinsta Demo”. This kinsta demo will allow you to try and test almost all of the features of Kinsta absolutely for free for 60 days.


However, you cannot have the option to install live sites. This means you can try with testing sites to get the better understanding of MyKinsta.

“Try MyKinsta Demo”

MyKinsta offers almost all the features that you get in C-Panel or Plesk. In-fact, it offers more features than them.



When it comes to managed WordPress hosting there is no doubt that Kinsta hosting has a great advantage over other good hosting websites. In this kinsta review we have showed you the same.

Thus, if you are running an enterprise or running a business no matter small or large, the kinsta plans have everything you need to manage your website on WordPress with their kinsta pricing plans. Since, there are lots of kinsta plans to choose from, we recommend you to go for Kinsta when you are running your website on WordPress.

Not sure? Still confused, try their demo: “Try MyKinsta Demo”

There are plenty of other options to choose for such as WP Engine Hosting which is also considered to be the other managed WordPress hosting. If you are searching for other managed WordPress hosting then you must consider doing in-depth research before you choose one.

We hope this kinsta reviews guide has helped you immensely to understand about Kinsta. With kinsta you can definitely able to grow your business from scratch.

We love to hear from you, tell us your best managed WordPress hosting in comments below!

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