40 Ways On How To Promote Your Blog For Free [2022]

40 Ways On How To Promote Your Blog For Free (2022)

Are you finding answers for ways to promote your blog because you are no getting enough traffic? Well, the obvious reason that your blog may not be getting enough traffic because of poor marketing of your blog or weak promotion of your blog.

You own a business and you have “created a blog”. And you started blogging from many months now but you are wondering why do even I am unable to increase traffic to my blog? You have searched over internet and found that you can really promote your blog. However, the ones which you found all require investment, but you don’t want to invest, right?

Now you started searching for how to promote your blog for free and end up here, because you want to “grow your business” and take it to the next level.

Guess what you are exactly in the right place and today in this post we will be taking you through the exact list of how to promote your blog free which will not only bring high traffic to your business, but also skyrocket your business in no time.


Why You Need To Promote Your Blog?

You need to promote your blog in order to generate traffic to your blog as it becomes very difficult for you to rank among search engines even if you know “SEO benefits” and implemented “SEO best practices”, especially when your blog is new.

Without marketing your blog, it is not so easy to get traffic to your blog because there is lot of competition on the internet and finding the exact targeted keywords to rank is not at all easy, even if you are blogging from months. Hence, promotion of your blog becomes very much essential for anyone.

Even though your content is great, just writing a blog simply doesn’t help you grow your business exponentially. You must need some kind of blog promotion ideas so that you can make the cut and get your business growing. Promoting your blog can really make great magic and often end up with high traffic to your blog.

Now coming to the point, many thinks that you need to invest in order to promote your blog. Well, for some extent it is true, but if you ask us it’s not totally true. Because, there are plenty of ways how you can promote your blog absolutely free and generate high quality traffic to your blog. Let’s see them one by one below.


40 Ways On How To Promote Your Blog For Free

All of the below listed blog promotion ideas really works great and will give you some awesome results. The good thing about them is that you don’t need to invest in order to follow these promotion ideas for your blog.



1. Social Media Marketing

There is no any other way of free blog promotion when it comes to making use of social media marketing. This is by far the best 100% effective way of promoting your blog online and get hundreds of traffic to your blog in no time.

According to the stats generated by Statista, over 4.14 billion people use social media worldwide in 2020, which turns out to be the number of active users on social media. With such huge number, you don’t want to miss the chance to get yourself online on social platforms and do the social media marketing.

This study shows that over the years the social media has evolved as one of the biggest platforms for promotions and advertisements. You can easily promote your blog, products and services without any investment with just having a social media account. All you have to do is to learn how to promote your blog with social media platforms.

To name a few social media platforms like, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are by far the best ones which you can make use of, where-in facebook being the one of the most used social networks and has highest number of active users. These tools offer specific tools just for promoting your blog and products for free which is really amazing.

You can easily target the audience of your choice for your blog niche and direct them to your blog with ease. You can even multiply the chances by just linking your social media apps to your blog allowing users to directly connect and follow from your blog.


2. Email Marketing

When it comes to marketing your business email marketing is one of the best traditional way of doing marketing and promoting your products and services, which is the best way of advertising earlier as well as in 2021’s too.

Before the social media platforms came into existence, many businesses and companies used email marketing to promote their business. This strategy is also treated as one of the best ways and effective way of growing and promoting your business still today.

To give you clear idea, according to the stats gathered by WordStream, welcome emails are incredibly effective: on average, 320% more revenue is attributed to them on a per email basis than other promotional emails. This stat is more than enough to prove you that the email marketing is the best way of promoting your blog.

To do email marketing you first build email list. To do so you can set up newsletter on your blog and ask users to subscribe to your blog to build your email list. You can offer an extra content for them to get subscribed to you. Or ask them to enroll via email subscription for exclusive content delivered to their inbox via email.

You can make use of best free email marketing tools which are absolutely free to connect them with your blog. Even though the features are limited, they will do the job more than enough that you require. Once the users subscribe to your blog, you can send them your blog posts and content through emails, which will eventually help in promoting your blog for free.  


3. Quora Q&A

How many of you know answering to a question can really help in promotion of your blog? Yes, you heard it right, answering a question asked by users on quora can really bring in some real traffic to your blog in no time. In the 2021’s, the Quora is treated as one of the best and most effective way of blog promotion and getting recognized online.

Quora is one of the questions and answers platform available on internet which helps visitors to find in real answers for their questions. You will find wide variety of topics to question as well as answer on quora.

According to quora, in 2018, quora has 300 million monthly active users and in 2021, this number now might have raised by 2 to 3 times because of the increasing popularity of quora. With 300 million monthly users you don’t want to miss the chance to promote your blog on quora and miss the chance of having real high traffic to your blog.

There is a topic available on quora for every niche and their hundreds of questions available to be answered for each of the questions. All you have to do is find your niche topic and answer to the user’s question and direct them to your website for more content. The more you answer, the more the traffic that you can generate to your blog.

The other advantage of quora marketing is that if you have answered a question through great content, there are chances that your question might come on 1st page of search engines as quora is now considered as an authority and informative website. This will definitely boost your blog promotion and generates traffic.

Quora also offers so called Spaces where-in you can create your own space and post all of your blog posts and ask others to contribute too. This way you can able to reach out to millions of people and can help your blog to get promoted.

Make sure that you answer the questions with informative great content. Answering a question in one or two sentences or just linking to your website with no contribution will be treated as spam and there are chances that your account may get banned.


4. YouTube

YouTube is one of the strongest and most popular videos serving platform which attracts millions of millions of users every month, which makes it as one of the 2nd largest search engines of 2021. You can make use of this opportunity and if you are one of them who loves to create videos then you must start a youtube channel and make the best use of it to generate as much as free traffic to your blog.

YouTube is treated as one of the best ways to promote your blog for free as youtube has 2 billion logged-in monthly users as per the stats gathered by hootsuite. My-my that’s a huge number. If you can able to post regular videos on youtube then you can reach out millions of people every month and grow your blog.

In order to promote your blog, the best way is to get engaged with youtube audience is that to create a youtube channel same as the name of your blog. This will make audience to remember your channel easily and helps to connect with you easily. Having a same name as your blog name will help you grow faster and helps in promotion of your blog.

The best part of doing youtube is that you can post videos focused on your niche blog which will add lot of weighted on to your blog and builds authenticity & credibility which boosts your blog promotion.

In order to promote your blog free to reach millions of people all around the world, you must learn how to grow your youtube channel. This will not only ensure growth your youtube channel, it also results in promotion of your blog. Having a niche focused youtube channel that describes your blog is an added advantage.

You can easily able to promote your blog on youtube by mentioning your blog name at start and end of video and ask visitors to checkout the same. You can also keep your blog name displayed on the video all the time. In addition, you can add your blog name in video description and ask viewers to checkout the same. This will help immensely in promotion of your blog for free.


5. Use of Images

Images are the best way of engaging visitors all the time which makes them visit your blog again and again. It’s a human nature that, the human mind can easily read & grasp data from images than that of through written content. It also helps to keep the users and visitors engaged all the time and for long time.

As the internet is growing, the user attention is also going down in reading the full article. The user immediately hooks to images than that of a full-length article. Hence having images on your blog posts can immensely boosts in promotion of your blog.

A recent study from optinmonster, shows that articles with images get 94% more views as opposed to those with no visuals. In-fact, 70% of bloggers said that they use images and visuals as part of their marketing strategy. This shows that images really help to promote your blog for free.

The other advantage of having images on your blog is that google will automatically helps in promotion of your blog. The reason is that the google search engine can feature your blog images as one of the image feature snippets which will help you boost your blog.

You can also increase your blog promotion by providing an easy image share buttons on to the images itself which will help visitors to share your images on social networks directly. The same has also been implemented on our blogs also which will help visitors to share images directly with one click.


6. Start Podcast and Embed Podcast

Podcasts are great ways of promoting your blog. In-fact, as more and more portable devices are being launched in market, especially smartphones, the recent studies shows that about 65% of podcast listeners tune in via portable devices such as tablets and smartphones. This shows the potential that how much you can promote your blog for free, just by starting a podcast.

This change is happening just for the fact that more and more users are preferring listening over reading as it saves time and can grasp content easily. Hence podcasts have started fast evolving in blogging industry. Now 6 out 10 blogs have started including podcasts also as one of their blog promotion marketing strategy.

The great advantage of podcast is that you can listen to it at anytime, anywhere and on any devices of your choice. You can talk about any content of your choice that suites your blog niche, which helps you easily in promotion of your blog.

In today’s world of internet and blogging, the podcasts have become a great way of engaging with visitors. Having a podcast on to every blog post helps your visitors keep coming and listen to your great content. So, start a podcast today itself and promote your blog for free.


7. Pinterest

If you are looking for a platform which helps you to promote your blog free and generate tons of traffic to your blog, then you must hop on to Pinterest. Pinterest is now considered as one of the best sources of traffic generation platforms for bloggers.

The most important part of pinterest is that it has almost all of topics in its bucket that the bloggers can easily pin their blogs and drive traffic to their blogs. According to the stats generated by hootsuite, there are now 335 million people who use pinterest every month. With such a number you don’t want to miss the chance to promote your blog.

Pinterest has plenty of topics so called pins. You can also log into pinterest and create your own pins, boards and start sharing your content. The users of pinterest will start visiting and connecting your blog once your content starts showing on browse page. This becomes easy because pinterest has all kinds of people who love different-different topics.

You can easily promote your blog just by creating great pinterest images which can be pinned on to your boards. There are tons of ideas or suggestions are available on pinterest as well on canva where-in you can create great pins that attracts users and makes them to click.


8. Blog Commenting

Many bloggers won’t know the value of blog commenting on other blogs. To put into perspective, just image just having a blog and not interacting with the world over the internet, will going to help you in promotion of your blog? The answer is obviously no.

That’s why blog commenting is one of the great ways of keeping yourself engaged with the world. This not only builds your identity, but also helps in your blog promotion. Once you’re recognized online, you will soon start finding traffic to your website.

The more you keep yourself engaged with users over the internet, the more you are going to get recognized. One of the easiest ways to get engaged is to do blog commenting on other blogs. The best part of blog commenting is that, you can add your blog link on to the comments, which may lead to backlinks to your blog which will help in ranking No.1 on google search engine.

Make sure that you leave comments after reading their article of something good or something which you too can implement is a best way of promoting your blog.

Remember don’t just go and keep on commenting the same comment again and again on all blogs without reading their content which may lead to spamming which will never lead to any way of promotion of your blog.


9. Guest Blogging

If you are looking for one of the genuine and most effective ways of promoting your blog, then you can do guest blogging. Guest blogging is a great way of getting your blog recognized online.

To do guest blogging, you can approach other authentic blogs and request them to create great blog article. You can publish a great and high-quality article and ask them to provide a link back to your blog. If your content is great then, 100% the blog owner will give a backlink to your blog.

According to the stats gathered by optinmonster, 79% of editors say guest content is too promotional. That’s why the guest blogging is so powerful. In addition to this, 60% of blogs write 1 to 5 guest posts per month. You could be one of them too. Do guest blogging and promote your blog.

Its better to find the niche same as yours for guest blogging. This will also lead to many other ways of blog promotion. Don’t focus on just writing an article in order to get recognized. Focus on an in-depth article which visitors and audience will love to read and approach you for more content.

The more guest posts you do on different-different blogs, the more you are going to get recognized. This will help in great link building to your blog which helps in SEO of your blog helping you rank higher on google.


10. Internal Link Building

Many people neglect the fact that internal link building does help in promotion of your blog. This is for the simple fact that google crawl bot keeps on visiting your blog and the more the interlinking into your blog to other blog posts, the more you’re going to get promoted.

Internal Link Building is a great way of engaging with your audience. With high-quality content that you provide you can link between different-different posts so that the audience can keep engaged all the time.

If you can able to provide more high-quality content that the user is looking for, then the users will keep visiting your blog and will promote your blog posts on social media platforms which will help in promotion of your blog.

The internal link building also helps in SEO along with ranking your blog posts higher on search engines.


11. External Link Building

The other way of promoting your blog is to do external link building. It’s a great tip for anyone, especially for those who just started blogging. Having links of other bloggers blog posts on to your blogs which are authentic blogs which provide great content for audience will boost in promotion of your blog.

External Link Building not only promotes your blog but also helps in SEO of your blog such as on-page seo and off-page seo. According to the stats gathered by hubspot, 52% of marketers believe brand mentions impact organic search rankings. Guiding the visitors to the right quality content really helps in promotion of your blog for free.

This link building strategy will also help other bloggers to notice your quality informative content and will start building links to your blog in order to promote their blogs. This will help in increase of traffic to your blog leading to your blog promotion.

Often focusing on same niche blog for external link building strategy is a great way of promoting your blog. Diverting the visitors to non-relevant content will not lead to promotion of your blog. In-fact directing them to the right content which are useful for readers will definitely help in your blog promotion.


12. Blog Exchange

We have already heard about guest blogging, but there is an also another strategy to promote your blog which is blog exchange. This is also another most effective way of enhancing your blog promotion capabilities.

Blog Exchange is a strategy which will be adopted by a blogger which helps in promotion of your blog and their blog where in both will be exchanging blog posts with each other in return to another blog post, which benefits both bloggers.


13. Install Social Media Plugin On Your Blog

Now a days, social media platforms have emerged as one of the best sources of generating traffic as well as earn money online. It’s a gift for affiliate marketers. That’s why many have turned their social media platforms into one of their lifestyle business ideas.

It has become very easy to share any content on social media with just a single click. Every day millions of people share content on their social media accounts as they browse through the social media apps. Thus, if you want to promote your blog for free then you must install a social media plugin on to your blog which offers once click social media buttons.

Having social media buttons always on to your blog and on to your blog posts, helps visitors to easily share the content with their friends and families with just a click, the moment the like the content. This is great way of promoting a blog and it costs nothing.

There are plenty of readily available free social media plugins on wordpress which you can install on your blog. They offer social media buttons of almost all social networks which makes it easier to reach many when someone shares your content.


14. Infographics

Another powerful way of promoting your blog is to create and embed infographics on to your blog posts.

Infographics makes the visitors engaged all the time as they are interesting. The obvious reason for this is that they are fact, numbers and animation based which attracts the visitors to read more. If the infographic is great, they will share right away to their friends and families which results in promotion of your blog.

According to the stats gathered by venngage, articles with infographics got 178% more links than standard articles. In-fact, the infographics can easily help you boost the traffic to your site by up to 12%. These numbers clearly show that there is plenty of opportunity to promote your blog if you use infographics.

The other advantage of infographics is that, you can add your blog link on to the infographic. When someone shares it over social media platforms, people who read often end up in visiting your blog to check out more. They can even link to your blog from their blog which results in a free backlink for you.

Having infographics on to your blog posts, makes you stand out among the rest of blogs. This not only improves your on-page seo but also makes the article more reader friendly.


15. Create Video Blog Post

If you want your blog to get promoted for free then make your blog post interesting so that a visitor hooks up to it easily and keeps visiting back again and again. This you can do so by adding a video to your blog post which tells all about the blog post.

A video can convey the message better than that of a full-lengthy article. Videos keeps the viewer engaged all the time and reduces the bounce rate. Having a video side by a blog post keeps the visitor engaged and increases the retention period of a visitor.

According to the stats gathered by biteable, 59% of executives say they would rather watch a video than read text. When you see this number, it is very clear that there will be a greater chance of maintaining visitor attention when you have videos on your blog post.

You can add your blog link in video and keep it visible in entire video. This helps in promotion of your blog and get recognition online. The other advantage of having videos on your blog post is that visitors can share your videos easily on social networks.

As said creating video blog post not only helps to generate high traffic to your blog, but also helps in promotion of your blog for free.


16. Create Ultimate Guide Free Ebooks

People love reading books. Now with technology moving towards digitization around the globe ebooks have played a vital role in making reading much easier. Ebooks helps readers to read about anything, anytime and anywhere.

If you can able to spend some time and were able to develop an ultimate guide book which matches your niche blog, will result in big boost to promotion of your blog. There are plenty of ways how you can promote your ebooks which drives high traffic to your blog.

According to statista stats, people are becoming more receptive of eBooks. This means, the user penetration is currently 10.5% and it is expected to hit 11.8% by 2022. This means, if you are not publishing an ebook of your blog post and offer them free for your visitors then you are missing on a whole lot benefit.

You can promote your blog by simply offering the visitors free ebooks. Add to this, you can ask them to subscribe to your blog with their emails which you can later utilize them for email marketing to promote your blog.

If your ultimate guide ebooks contains everything the visitor has wished for then they will not only promote your blog but also refer your blog to their friends and families which will be free promotion of your blog.


17. Blog Syndication

For many this could be a new word. Blog syndication is the process of publishing a piece of content on your blog and then republishing the same content on one or more other blogs that are relevant to your niche or relevant to your audience.

Blog syndication will result in great promotion of your blog when you able to grab the big guns that suits your niche. The blog syndication not only attracts more readers, traffic, improves SEO value, but also promotes your blog.


18. Blog Contests

Blog contest are one of the unique ideas for promoting your blog. Once a while you can run a blog contests and ask other bloggers to contribute by participating in it. You can offer awards for those who win the contests.

Such contests not attract readers but also brings in more subscribers to your blog. You can extend this, by running a blog contest for readers too. Just make use of social media platforms such as facebook, Instagram and youtube and gather as many as people to participate by keeping an open invite to anyone.

These kinds contests excite visitors and audience which will give your blog a great boost in promotion as the audience will start promoting your blog for free.


20. Online Forums

We are sure you must have heard about online forums. But have you ever heard that you can really promote your blog on online forums? The answer is obviously yes. In-fact, online forums are great ways of blog promotion and generate traffic to your blog.

You will find plenty of online forums which you can join for free and get engaged with the audiences and visitors.

Online forums are the places where in the bloggers as well as individuals come together and have a talk about a topic or ask questions or have discussions.

In-fact, according to the stats gathered by vanillaforums, 72% of those with a branded community say that the community has led to an increase in website traffic. This means there is great opportunity that you can get your blog promoted if you join an online forum and engage with audience.


21. Keyword Optimization

Back to the basics. Trust us, keyword optimization is one of the most critical blog promotion tactics that hardly anyone knows. This is for the simple fact that, keywords answer the user’s query.

Keyword optimization (also known as keyword research) is the act of researching, analyzing and selecting the best keywords, especially long-tail keywords to target to drive qualified traffic from search engines to your blog or website.

Work on keyword optimization strategies and understand the search intents query and write a blog post that exactly answers user’s query. Design your blog completely around the same search query, target the keywords and optimize the keywords. You are good to go. The search engines will promote your blog when they start crawling your blog.


22. Create Blog Posts Frequently

We all know that, we all have grown up by hearing the thought that, keep on reading to increase your skills, keep doing workouts if you want to stay fit, keep reading to gain more knowledge, keep trying again & again until you succeed and so on.

The same is applicable here also, the more frequently you blog the more you are going to get recognized. This means, the search engines more often start crawling your blog, promote your blog and rank higher among search engines. Hence post frequently.

Regular and consistent posting will ensure you of free blog promotion. Thanks to the search engines which makes it possible. The more the content on your blog, the more the visitors will be, which results in promotion of your blog.

Regular content on your blog makes the users to come back again to your blog to read more. If the content is good, they will promote your blog to others too.


23. Email Signature

When it comes to the part of Email Marketing, the Email Signature plays a vital role in promotion of your blog. Since email marketing is treated as the best tool for your blog promotion, the email signature adds great value in increase of traffic to your blog as well as blog promotion.

It’s a great way to express and introduce yourself to your email subscribers and the ones to whom you will be dropping emails. Often inclusion of your blog link and useful content of your blog helps the email readers to directly get connected with you and your blog easily.

According to the stats gathered at smartinsights, email marketing stands at 52% when it comes to most effective channels for a digital marketing which helps in driving plenty of traffic and promotion of your blog.

It is suggested to include customized email signature in your emails which will attract the email readers. You can extend this strategy to your personal email id to reach more people. Having email signature on your personal email id will allow you to get discovered to many over the internet.


24. RSS Feed

RSS Feeds are treated as one of the most effective ways of promoting your blog online before the social media platforms existed. RSS Feeds drives great traffic to your blog and helps you get recognized easily online.

RSS Feeds are treated as one of the common platforms and a common hub where in large number of people get in for content, they are looking for which consists of users all over the world. A great high-quality content of rss feed can show up to the world audience which helps in increase of new readers by visiting your blog.

According to the stats gathered by builtwith, at least 29,236,914 live websites using RSS worldwide which is amazing. This shows rss feeds have a great power to promote your blog.


25. Blog Carnivals

Blog Carnivals typically collect together links pointing to blog articles on a particular topic which could be of anything.

A blog carnival is like a magazine. It has a title, a topic, editors, contributors, and an audience. Editions of the carnival typically come out on a regular basis to get connected. Each edition is a special blog article that consists of links to all the bloggers and contributions that have been submitted, often with the editor’s opinions or remarks.

The blog carnivals are treated as an open environment where in all bloggers around world get a chance to promote their blogs among millions of people all around the world. It is often hosted by a blogger where in others are invited to join.

This helps to each other as you all will get chance to excess the topic of your choice and gain ample amount of traffic which also results in your blog promotion.


26. Business Cards

Business Cards also called visiting cards are treated as old traditional way of promoting your business which still exists. Although this is a strategy where in you will only be connected to only few of audience. But these audience will be genuine and real customers who love to be your customers who will stay for longer period of time. That’s the advantage.

To promote your blog, you can add the link of your blog on your business cards to get recognized in no time. A link of your blog on business card will build your trust and increases the chances of getting promoted.


27. Medium

Medium is treated as one of the most popular online publishing platforms where you can post your blog posts to boost your blog promotion. The medium has nearly 100 million monthly readers, which makes it as one of the fastest growing blog promotion platforms online.

You can create an account on medium and often try to post great quality content and link back to your blog which often result in increase of your blog traffic too.

The medium is typically used for thought leadership content. Additionally, many freelance writers post their blogs on this site. This helps them to get recognized online easily and a backlink to their blog.

But before you publish on medium you have to make sure that, your blog meets medium’s standards, but if it does, it can be curated and recommended through the medium home page. Make sure that you pay attention to the tags on medium on your posts, as users will love to follow these tags, which helps you get discovered.


28. Pocket

If you are looking for a platform which helps you drive continuous traffic to your blog and helps in great blog promotion, then pocket is the one which you must have on your blog.

One of the social bookmarking sites is the pocket which allows users to save blogs, videos, images or any kind of content from any webpage online. This not only enhances your blog potential to keep the user coming back but also helps to get traffic almost when you post anything.

You can make this possible by adding a pocket button which a user can click in order to save it for later reading as one of their favorites. This will be a great strategy when you have a checklist kind of posts as they can bookmark it and they come back all the time when they have to follow these steps from your checklist.

There are chances that your blog can get recommended to others by sharing your link from pocket.


29. Quuu Promote

If you are looking for a blog promotion tool then you can make use of quuu promote which is one of the online blog promotion tools. The quuu promote is designed to increase traffic and increase engagement on your blog posts.

To promote your blog on quuu, you have to copy and paste the link or url of your blog post. Once you pasted, the quuu will start sharing to well known social media platforms with real people in your niche that helps to generate some real traffic.

However, the downside is that you need to pay in order to promote blog each time, however, this can reduce your advertising costs on social media platforms.

The reason why we have included on our list of how to promote your blog for free because, it is one of the real and authentic way of promoting your blog online. With quuu you can reach to real authentic people as real users will be promoting your blog. This also helps in improving your organic seo.


30. Instagram

The Instagram is treated as one of the best social platforms for promoting your blog for free. This is for the simple fact that, according to the stats generated by omnicoreagency, the Instagram has 1 billion + monthly active users. This shows the potential of free blog promotion.

The best way to promote your blog on Instagram is to make use of Instagram stories. If you have 10,000+ followers, Instagram will allow you to add swipe-up feature where in you can link to your blogs directly from Instagram stories.

The key is to get as many as followers as possible in order to promote your blog.

The best part of Instagram is that even if you don’t have 10,000 followers, you can still be able to promote your blog through efficient use of hashtags on your posts and add link in bio which easily helps you promote your blog.


31. Facebook Groups

Facebook offers us a great feature called facebook groups which is by far the best ways of promoting your blog for free. With over 1.4 billion people using facebook groups every day, it’s a boon to anyone to promote their blogs for free.

Facebook Groups are one of the highly efficient ways of reaching millions of people all around the world. A great group with millions of followers is the best place that you can promote your blog by posting your blog post links.

You can either create a group of your own or you can join already existing groups which has many followers and start sharing your content in the form of posts which links back to your blogs.


32. Flipboard

If you haven’t heard about flipboard not to worry we have got you covered. Flipboard is one of the content aggregators sites which allows users to read content from various multiple sources at one place.

You can make use of this opportunity and add your site so that you can begin posting your blogs right away.

The flipboard will help you generate enough traffic to your blog and also helps new users to get discovered your content. When any user clicks on the links, he will be redirected to your blog posts directly which increases your blog traffic.

Now a days, on most of the smartphones it comes already pre-installed, especially on samsung smartphones which makes it easier for mobile users to read great content. Guess what your blog can be one of them which might get discovered on their smartphones via flipboard.


33. AllTop

Similar to flipboard, alltop is yet another content aggregator site that allows readers to read content from various sources.

The alltop is best for marketers as you can submit your site to alltop listings by contacting them via their contact form from contact page. Once you are accepted, your blog posts start appearing on alltop which can drive enough traffic to your blog and encourages your blog promotion.

This also helps you to get a backlink to your blog which helps in your seo and seo google rankings too.


34. Triberr

We have already gone through quuu blog promotion tool, similar to this we also have triberr which is also a blog promotion site where in the bloggers and influencers go for amplification of their content.

The triberr works in way that you can able to join groups of your choices and interests where in you can able to promote your blogs, get your content shared, increase traffic and get recognized.

To do so you can just select the url of your blog which would like to promote and paste it on to triberr. The triberr will start promoting tour content which will lead to lots of shares leading to traffic generation to your website or blog.

Triberr also offers pay to promote your posts which you can make use of to get the most of it.


35. Use Catchy Titles

There is nothing best strategy in promoting your blog other than using catchy titles for your blog post. Having catchy titles for your blog posts which attracts visitors and makes them click is the best way to stand out from the crowd.

Having catchy titles will not only increase your blog traffic but also increases audience click through rate, which is amazing.

Before you create any click worthy titles, you have to make sure that you will be balancing the title which is seo friendly as well as catchy which makes users to click on. You have to make sure that the catchy title also includes a keyword to get visible among search engines.


36. Develop Your Own Blogger Outreach Plan

There is an obvious reason that why you are failing at your blog promotion. The reason is that many bloggers approach passive approach to blogging rather than taking pro-active approach.

If you just publish a blog post, sit back and relax will you be getting traffic? Will your blog be promoted? Obviously, no. You need to take some actions in order to promote your blog. That’s why you need to have your own blogger outreach plan in order to promote your blog and generate traffic to your blog.

To do so you can create a massive list of bloggers to whom you can outreach via email your just published blog and ask them to share or link back to your article. This will result in great source of blog promotion for free.


37. Enable Trackbacks On Your Blog

If you are one of those who is using wordpress hosting for blogging, then you can make the best of it by enabling trackback.

A trackback is feature in wordpress where in an automatic notification is sent to the websites which you have linked to which enables the option of your link to be added in their comments section the moment if they approve it.

The trackback option is great when the linked blog is also enabled trackback. This helps both of you to as a link will appear on both comments section. It is even greater, especially when they have high domain rating which results in generation of high traffic and promotion of your blog.    


38. Use Google News

The other way of promoting your blog is to add your blog to google news.

Google News becomes a great way of traffic generation website especially when your blog niche is based on news, latest events and technology. If you can able to cover the topic soon then there are guaranteed chances of high traffic. Google being largest search engines your blog article is going to get promoted easily.


39. Add Click To Tweet To Your Blog Posts

Click to tweet is another way of promoting your blog posts. Twitter being one of the largest well known social media platforms. So, adding sharable one click to tweet buttons on your blog posts helps readers to promote your blog.

The best way to do is to add this click to tweet button inside your blog posts where there is an eye-catching content, image, stats or infographics which increases the click to tweet sharing.

If you are having your blog on wordpress then you can use better click to tweet plugin to get started.


40. Use Slideshare To Publish Your Blog Posts

Another unique way of promoting your blog is to post your blog post content on slideshare. The slideshare is treated as one of the best platforms for marketers to promote their products and services. You can also make use of the same and can promote your blog.

According to slideshare, nearly 80 million professionals trust SlideShare to learn about any topic quickly from subject matter experts. This shows you have great opportunity to promote your blog if you can able to create content in the form of slides and post it on slideshare.



All the above listed blog promotion strategies really work. The moment you search for how to promote your blog for free, this list will show you all the strategies to promote your blog which also helps in increasing your blog traffic.

Please tell us in comments below,

·      Which blog promotion strategy you are going to implement today?

·      Would you like to add any of your blog promotion strategy to our list?

Hope this article has immensely helped you understand the strategies of blog promotion.


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