Top 5 Best SEO Practices for Bloggers, Publishers and Content Creators


Well we all know What SEO stands for. The Search Engine Optimization over the years has become one of the most important Tool over the Internet.

The in-depth knowledge of SEO plays a vital role in the Careers of Bloggers, Publishers, Content Creators and So many out there if you want to create a boom over the Internet.

If you are there in any of the above said Careers then you should know the Best SEO Practices out there in the Internet which will take you to the heights which you have never dreamed of. 

Whether you want to create a Website or you already own a Website, the SEO does all it needs for your Website to Rank Top among Search Engines.

All you have to do is work on SEO and optimize your Website.

Obviously for reasons you have a Passion towards Content Creating and want to help People over the Internet in any form for which you want to run a Website.

You might also want to Monetize your Content and earn from it. You want to opt for On-Site Ads and want to generate some additional revenue from your Content.

To do so you need to drive a high Traffic to your Site which only makes sense that you can earn or generate revenue from your Content.

That’s where the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into picture.

Focus on Right Keywords and apply SEO Strategies on to your Website which the Viewers search over the Search Engines will surely ensure you with high traffic.

Even though there are many more SEO Strategies out there over the Internet, below are the must require for any Bloggers, Publishers and Content Creators.

Top 5 Best SEO Practices for Bloggers, Publishers and Content Creators_Get An SSL Certificate For Your Website

Have you ever seen when you Visit any Website via Google Search Engine, there is a Small Lock Icon on right side of URL Visited? Or there is a Circled Exclamatory Mark?

The Lock Symbol means, the Connection is Secure, i.e. Your Information (for example, Passwords or Credit Card Numbers) is Private when it is sent to this Site.

The Circled Exclamatory Mark means, Your Connection to this Site is not secure, i.e. You should not enter any sensitive information on this site (for example, Passwords or Credit Cards), because it could be stolen by attackers.

If you see the Lock, then it means that the Site you have entered is SSL Certified.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

SSL is a security protocol that allows encrypted communication between a web server and internet browser. It encrypts all data transmitted between the server and the user using an encryption key on the server.

When someone navigates to your secure website, your site sends the SSL certificate to visitor’s browser with the key needed to begin a secure session. This initiates the SSL “handshake” and allows for secure transfer of information between your website and browser.

SSL certificates include the following information:

1. Name of the certificate holder

2. The certificate’s serial number and expiration date

3. A copy of the certificate holder’s public key

4. The digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority

So, to Rank in Google in SERP’s your Website needs to SSL Certified.

You are going to Lose Visitors to your Website, if you are not having SSL Certificate.

Pretty Bad, Isn’t it!

You have taken an SSL Certificate but still you’re not seeing on your Website then the most common cause could be, your Website URL is in “http” and not in “https”, which you can Fix easily from your Hosting provider or in WordPress.

So, why you’re waiting for?

You need Traffic? Then get an SSL Certificate for your Website.

Top 5 Best SEO Practices for Bloggers, Publishers and Content Creators_Targeted Relevant Keywords

Well, all of your Website’s Performance and to be Ranked higher depends on the Keywords which you chose on your Website, Pages, Posts or Content.

The Right Targeted Keywords will definitely fetch you good results and makes it easier to Rank in SERP’s.

So, it becomes very important to conduct, research and analyze Keywords with High Search Volume and Low Competition.

Luckily this Task becomes very much easier because of the Keyword Research Tools available over the Internet.

Thanks to Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, SpyFu and Many more which you can use to research for What the Visitors or People all around the World or specific to a region search for.

Once you know the Targeted Relevant Keywords incorporate them on to your Website, Pages, Posts or Contents. You can also include the same in Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and Image Alt Text Tags to drive more Traffic to your Website.

“The better the Website with Targeted Relevant Keywords, your Website is going to get more Traffic”.

It needs to be noted that almost more than 60% of Searches on Search Engines come from Mobile Phones or Smartphones.

Now a days everyone own’s Smartphones more than 2 anywhere in the World. The Mobile or Smartphone Industry is continuously growing on year on year basis.

This means around the Globe everyone uses Smartphones to search everything on Google Search Engines. So, Smartphones only drive 60% of Global Website Traffic.

In this kind of scenario, What if your Website Isn’t Mobile Friendly? Will you going to receive High Traffic? Obviously Not.

So, it becomes mandatory requirement for you to Optimize your Website for Mobile. At the same time, you also need to focus on Loading of Website, i.e. Website’s Loading Speed and ensure that your Website doesn’t look like a Desktop Friendly on Mobile making the Texts to shrink so small that the visitors can’t even read.

Luckily there are Tools over the Internet from which you can Analyze your Website Loading Speed which makes it easier for you to understand where you need to Fix the Errors there by conducting a Site Audit.

Thanks to such Tools, like Google’s Page Insights, Pingdom, GMetrix and many more which offer Free as well as Paid Version of Solutions to Fix the Errors incurred via Site Analysis or Site Audit.

To know more about Speed Test visit to Google Page Insights or Pingdom or GMetrix and submit your URL for Testing. You will end up with all Results, Errors and Suggestions on how to fix them.

They say, a Website with lots of well Optimized Images, drives the High Traffic.

Yes, it’s 100% True.

For Search Engines it becomes easier to find and Index your Images when the Images are Optimized clearly.

So, make sure that all of the Images on your Website are well Optimized with Keywords in your Image File Names, Alt Text and Image Descriptions.

Make use of HTML Tags like <img> or <picture> when embedding your Images into your Website, Pages or Posts.

Also make sure that the Images are in most common used Formats or Extensions so called JPEG/JPG and in PNG, making it easier for Search Engines to Crawl on and get Indexed.

Hint: You can use Plugins like Smursh on your Website to Optimize your Images.

Remember, Rich and High-Resolution Images, keeps the Visitors always engaged in the Content.

This is also one of the best SEO Strategies as it helps to drive more traffic, keep your visitors engaged in your Website’s Content and Ranks higher in SERP’s.

For the Content you Create on your Website’s Pages, try linking to Internal Content of your own also an External Content that suites and is relevant to the Content you wrote on your Website.

This helps Search Engines while crawling and indexing your Website much faster and higher in SERP’s.

Always ensure that you link only the Relevant Pages not the Non-relevant Pages, unnecessarily. This will downgrade your Ranking in SERP’s.

Here a Strategy to be adopted when linking a Page. That means use the Most Searched-Targeted Keywords for linking a Page which is relevant to your Page’s Content, similar to as in case of Keyword Planner.

Monetizing Options For Your Website or Blog:

Once you are successful in driving enough Traffic on to your Website, it’s time to go for Monetization of your Website which will start generating revenue for your Website.

There are many Monetizing Options out there over Internet which will Pay you for Advertising.

Or you may offer them Services and Consulting from your own which will generate revenue for you.

Or join for Affiliate Marketing through Affiliate Links to generate revenue.

Or just hop-in to my previous Post: 10 Ways on How to Monetize a Website or Blog!

It’s not wrong to Dream about being a Content Creator, a Blogger, a Publisher or an Entrepreneur. It’s wrong when you don’t cat on it.

The willingness to Learn non-stop, the willingness to gain Knowledge and the willingness to act on it definitely helps you to reach your Goal.

If you want to Survive, drive ample amount of Traffic and Rank Higher in SERP’s, Learning and Understanding about SEO Strategies are must and becomes shall requirement.

So, here in this Post we made our best and gave our best shot for you guys to make understand the Top 5 Best SEO Strategies in order to become a Content Creator, a Blogger or a Publisher.

However, this doesn’t Stop here. These 5 Steps are minimal Steps and there are ton and deep about SEO which needs to be Learnt. The Topic of SEO never ends. You need to keep updated by yourself day-by-day as the SEO is never ending topic.

Luckily on our Website we regularly bring more about SEO and other Topics which helps Visitors to Learn and Educate themselves and keep on upgrading their knowledge.

So, we wish Good Lucks and Happy Learning! Check our Website for more Content. 

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