According To WhatsApp The New Changes, “The Forwarding Limits” Have Cut The Spread of Viral Messages By Almost 70% – A Drastic Decline!

WhatsApp to Control Spread of Viral Messages amid COVID-19 breakout. You already know the Power of Sharing. We stand in an era of Technology where-in the Information can flow, circulate and reach millions of People all around the World within a matter of Minutes or even in Seconds too. Hundreds of Social Media has emerged, designed and built up over past several years which are ruling the World with its Technology of Message Forwarding. Yes, Now-a-days one such Powerful App which you can see Installed on to everyone’s Smartphones is “WhatsApp”, which now owned by Facebook. It can be Good, but sometimes it can be Bad too. The Power of Forwarding of Messages has become an art these days. To be more precise, the Power of Forwarding of Fake Messages has been a Trend on Social Media Apps. Making you wonder is that True?

Challenges To WhatsApp Upon Spread of Viral Messages:

With consistent pressures from various Governments from past regularly, well it was a Big Challenge to WhatsApp and Facebook over a Period of time to counter the Spread of Mis-information and Fake News which has resulted in Chaos among the People all around the World. To overcome such concerns and issues, the WhatsApp and Facebook are constantly working to Stop and Put barring on Spread of Mis-Information. Over a period of time WhatsApp has overtaken many Steps to keep the Community and Peoples Safe. With its recent Actions and Implementations on its Limits on Forwarding of Messages, the Spread of “Highly Forwarded” Messages on WhatsApp has drastically dropped by 70%.

With the recent Pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19) all around the World has made WhatsApp to face lots of Challenges. Many Governments asked WhatsApp to take immediate Actions to counter the Mis-Information Spreading all over the World. Now, WhatsApp has restricted its Users by limiting Forwarding of Messages to One Chat at-a-time.

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These new measures were introduced by WhatsApp at the beginning of April in response to the Spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) related misinformation over WhatsApp. What does this Mean? Well, the Changes meant that any Message which was already been forwarded by Five or More People can now only be Forwarded to a Single Person or Group rather than in bunch’s to too many Groups or Individuals.

With billions of people all around the World were unable to see their Friends and Family in person due to Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19), almost all of People were relying on WhatsApp for Communication. In this Pandemic, Doctors, Teachers, Companies, Industries, Isolated and Quarantined Ones were talking to each other via WhatsApp. For this Reason, all of your Messages and Calls on WhatsApp were end-to-end encrypted by default by WhatsApp to give you a secure place for all of your Conversations.

At present we don’t know how many of the Messages were contained Mis-Information that WhatsApp has worked on to Stop Spread of Virality. However, you can say that the WhatsApp’s new limit is successfully slowing down the spread of viral messages, despite the fact that people still have the option of manually forwarding a message to multiple people or groups.

This is not the First time that the WhatsApp has brought Changes to its App. In the Previous Year, the WhatsApp introduced to its Users the concept of messages that have been forwarded many times. These messages are labeled with Double Arrows (Forward Message Icon) to indicate they did not originate from a close contact. This means that these Messages are less Personal compared to other Messages sent by your known ones. Now, WhatsApp has restricted its Users by limiting Forwarding of Messages to One Chat at-a-time.

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Form the past years WhatsApp has taken several steps on limiting Forwarding of Messages as much as possible to Private and kept Conversations intimate. One such Example is worth to talk is, Limits were set on Forwarding of Messages to put a Stop on Virality. According to WhatsApp which resulted in almost 25% decrease in Total Message Forwards Globally. Which is drastic effect on Control of Spread of Virality of Mis-Information.

Was all Messages Forwarded were Wrong & Bad? No obviously not. Millions of People all around the World Forward lots of Good, Value-Added, Helpful, Meaningful and Truthful information. Which contains Learning Videos, Knowledge Videos, Funny Videos, Memes and Prayers, etc. Many used the WhatsApp for Public Gatherings and Meetings for the Good and Support, especially in this Pandemic of COVID-19 for Frontline Health Workers. However, for the Bad, WhatsApp has seen that a significant increase in the amount of forwarding which users have told us can feel overwhelming and can contribute to the spread of misinformation.

To counter all and to bring the Good and benefit as many People as possible all around the World, WhatsApp is directly Working with NGO’s and Governments including World Health Organization (WHO) and more than 20 Health Ministries, in order to help connect people with accurate information.

Well, to Conclude on we don’t know how many of the Forwarded Messages that the WhatsApp could able to limit by its New Changes contained Mis-Information. Only the WhatsApp can tell this. However in other way it is Good that it definitely worked very well on spreading of Mis-Information to Ten’s and Thousands of People at a time in a matter of Seconds. 

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