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16 Amazing Benefits of Blogging In The World [2020], What Are The Benefits of Having A Blog?


The Journey of Blogging was all started in the late 1994 by Justin Hall along with Online Journalists. From then, knowing the benefits of blogging or not, the Blogging has completely revolutionized the Online Internet Industry.

At that time, the Blogging was haven’t been the Goal of Making Money Online, which was then considered to be the ultimate Goal of becoming a professional blogger.

However, now a days, the Blogging has become the source of Making Money Online for many in the fields of Digital Marketing which you can here with almost of all Speakers and Young Entrepreneurs with a tagline “Create a Blog For Free”.

In the era of 2020 and 2021, the Blogging has so evolved that many have started Blogging for many reasons with different types of blogs and as niche blogs too. Now a days, you can see different types of Blogs such as, News. Lifestyle, Food, Fashion, Tech, Entertainment Blogs and so on.

The Diversified Blogging Industry has shown us different types of blogs, how the blogging has evolved and many seeing the benefits of blogs, many people have started utilizing the blogs in different ways to gain more Customers and Leads.

In this Today’s Post we would like to take you through the exact list of benefits of blogging.

Let us dive right in!

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16 Benefits of Blogging For Your Business Needs

Benefits of Blogging

#1. Express Your Ideas, Creativity and Share Your Passion

One of the best benefits of starting a blog is that, it lets you Create a Blog on your Own and share all of your Ideas, Feelings, Thoughts, and Creativity with the whole World along with your True Fashion. It doesn’t matter whatever your Passion is, whether you have a Passion of Business, Cooking, Photography, Business or Marketing, Blogging lets you do with easy by connecting to Millions of People all around the World.

Blogging will allow you to share your Passion the way you want and allows you to connect and grow your Network with ease. You can also able to connect with likeminded bloggers and who are in the same field of Passion Blogging. There is no time, no date, no day nor a place, you can do blogging with ease.

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#2. Knowledge Sharing

If you are a Teacher or Coach and loves to teach others on the Skills which you have mastered, then Blog is a great place to start sharing your knowledge with the world.

Blogging not only allows you to share your knowledge, it also allows you to Monetize your Blog and make money online.

The most beautiful thing of having a blog is that, you can create online courses in the form of PDF’s, Videos or any other media to teach others. You can provide either Free Courses or provide Paid Courses and earn money online.

Starting a blog and sharing your knowledge online may also lead to your online full-time business to make money.

#3. Improve Your Writing Skills

Blogging can lead to improve your writing skills with ease. This should be looked with 2 scenarios, one being, Improving your Writing Skills to emerge as a Professional Blogger and the second one being, Improving your writing skills for your own Personnel Carrier, Growth and to emerge as the best Author that anyone else could be.

Writing is an Art! The Writing that you focus on your Blog must be Quality Content oriented and shall solve the Audience Queries.

The moment you can able to solve users queries, you know you have become a great Author with your Writing Skills.

#4. Create An Impact and Make A Difference

Blogging is a place where you can make an Impact in the Life’s of Millions of People all around the world. Your Ideas, your Thoughts, your Creativity can change hundreds of people every day.

If you are an influencer or public speaker, then through blog you can connect to thousands of people with your content that you will be posting on your blog. This can create a huge difference in anyone’s life with your content. As they say, Content is King. If you have a great content, then you can make a huge difference and create impact in many lives.

You can do this by targeting a Niche such as supporting any Cause viz., Social Cause, Hunger Cause, Poverty Cause, Political Cause, Environmental Cause, or so on. A Blog is a great way that you can create and make a difference and gather as many as people to support and connect with your Cause.

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#5. Build and Expand Your Social Network

When it comes to Professional Networks, it can be seen in 2 ways. One being the Networks that you bring from your Newsletters and niche blogs which are similar to your Niche. The other being the Professional Networks which you can build from your Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and so on.

These relationships in future may lead to gaining access for many Blogging Tools, Seminars, Webinars, Online Courses, Softwares, Workshops, Products, Gadgets, Events and so on.

Thus, it becomes very important for you to build your Professional Network as it is a community-based endeavor in the field of Blogging. This is one of the reasons why people engage in Blogging Community. Always focus on building relationships which will help you ensure your Blog’s Growth.

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#6. Make Money From Blogging

Blogging is one of the best Digital Marketing ideas where you can earn money online. Blogging not only allows you to create Blogs or Niche Blogs, it also allows you to make money from your blog by monetizing your blog.

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Many Bloggers start with one Blog and eventually go on to create many more blogs for a targeted niche and find more ways to make money from it. There are plenty of ways that you can make money from your blog.

Among these Make Money from Google AdSense and Make Money from Affiliate Marketing are the popular ones. You can read more about monetizing your blog from Must Read Article above.

This eventually help you to grow your Blog and Blogging Business to the next level.

#7. Be An Authority Blogger In Your Industry or In Your Niche

You can become an authority blogger for your niche blog by providing the most valuable, most accurate, and most relevant information for your niche in a timely manner.

The more the Quality of Content of your Blog, the more you are going to gain audiences and customers.

This will eventually result in attention of many in the blogging industry and can help you gain more industry insiders. This is a point where you can get recognized as an authoritative blog in your industry.

Providing Great Content in your Niche is a great way to become an Authority Blogger.

#8. Market Your Business

Just having a Static Website for your Company and Business, not going to help you in any ways to reach the Customers.

Gaining online visibility is the key to success in the growth of your Business. This can be achieved by marketing your business and company via various strategies.

There is nothing best and better than blogging which will help you to market your business organically as well as via ads. Having a Blog for your Website will help you gain many Customers, Leads and multiply & generate high revenue and profits.

Blog will help you to stand out from the crowd. It helps to gain higher rankings in SERP’s, increase website authority and increase the traffic to your website.

You can also market your business via Social Media Platforms by being an entrepreneur to attract more clients.

#9. Gain More Exposure Over The Internet

Many Companies and Businesses Create a Blog in order to increase their online presence and gain more Customers & Leads. Having a Blog in your Website will increase the audiences to your Website which eventually increase the conversion rates of your visitors which may lead to long-term customers.

With your Blog you can increase online presence over the internet by posting blog posts that will help you rank your blog posts in SERP’s which will generate high revenue and generate more leads along with the help of SEO implementation.

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#10. Build A Great Online Portfolio

Many people start blogging to share their thoughts and ideas with the world. For such Authors and Freelancers blog is a great way to convert it as one of their best Online Portfolio.

By having Online Portfolio of your own you could reach millions of people all around the world. This will ensure of you gaining many clients who can be your long-term assets.

#11. Blogging Can Help You Get Better Job

Through blogging you can create a great presence online. You can also build a great professional network of yours which might help many Companies who wants to hire.

Now a days, many companies check for your presence on online via Professional Networks such as LinkedIn. The point here is simple, the ones who have great online presence can help in great ways to take the companies growth higher for those who wants to hire.

The Companies now a days, checks almost 8 out of 10 Profiles for their online presence and their professional networks, thinking that the Candidate can take them to gain more Clients to their Businesses.

So, why wait? Create your own blog today and get hired.

#12. Blogging Will Help You Expand and Create New Businesses

Your Blogging journey can turn into a full-time job for you. Blogging will not only help you make money; it also helps you to create new businesses.

Blogging should always be seen as an opportunity for you to expand your business or create a new business.

If you work on blogging and put your 100% on blogging, you can able to earn money in 6 to 7 figures in no time, when you have implemented all of the blogging strategies properly.

The generated revenue can be used to expand your business or can help you to create new business. Thus you be your own boss!

#13. Learn Many Skills

Once you start blogging you will find many opportunities to learn new skills which will increase the value as an Entrepreneur.

Blogging will help you learn lot of things such as Website Building, SEO, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Programming Languages, Graphic Designing, Animation, Video Creation and so on. The list can be countless.

#14. Improve SEO To Increase Traffic

The more you write qualitative and quantitative great content articles, your blog is going to get indexed on search engines for various Organic Keywords, which not only improves seo of your blog and website, also increases traffic of your website through your blog.

When you understand the benefits of seo, you surely going to grow from your blog and generate revenues and convert it as a full-time business.

#15. Build E-Mail Listing For E-Mail Marketing

Blogging is the best way of building your E-Mail list. By building your Blog, you can reach out to millions of people by building an Email List and market your Products and Services for a long period of time.

This is amazing because you can connect with millions and at the same time you can send them your Products, Services and Blog Posts and convert them as your long-term Customers and Leads.

#16. Sell Your Own Products and Services

You can convert your Blog into a full-time online store and sell all of your Products and Services.

You can sell anything you want from your blog. It could be E-books, Products, Online Courses, Hand Crafts, Homemade Products, Foods and so on.

Why Do People Blog? The Benefits of Blogging

People do Blogging for many reasons. Some People blog for Passion and some people blog to make money. Others blog to convert their Passion into Business and turn themselves into Entrepreneurs.

Blogging is a great journey and you can explore thousands of opportunities on why people do blog?

Here are few of the reasons why do people blog? The blogging benefits:

Sl No.The Benefits of Blogging
1Express Your Ideas, Creativity and Share Your Passion
2Knowledge Sharing
3Improve Your Writing Skills
4Create An Impact and Make A Difference
5Build and Expand Your Social Network
6Make Money From Blogging
7Be An Authority Blogger In Your Industry or In Your Niche
8Market Your Business
9Gain More Exposure Over The Internet
10Build A Great Online Portfolio
11Blogging Can Help You Get Better Job
12Blogging Will Help You Expand and Create New Businesses
13Learn Many Skills
14Improve SEO To Increase Traffic
15Build E-Mail Listing For E-Mail Marketing
16Sell Your Own Products and Services

What Is Blogging?

Blogging refers to writing blog posts, provide great content, photography, and other media which is self-published online.

In the late 19th Century, the blogging started as an opportunity for individuals to write diary-style entries in the form of journals, since then which has been incorporated into websites for many businesses.

The unique identity of blogging includes frequent updates, informal language, great quality content, and opportunities for readers to engage and start a conversation to connect with a blogging community.

In Short,

The word blog is actually a shortened form of its original name, “weblog.”

In those days, these weblogs have allowed early internet users to “log” their day to day details in the form of a dairy-style entries. The Blogs also provide opportunities for users to engage with the help of Comments with the world.

SEO Benefits of Blogging

From the past few years many of us have heard a sentence called, “Content Is King” which very much holds true to its potential in the Blogging Industry.

In today’s world, many of the Companies have already understood that SEO in Blogging plays a vital role in building in the growth of your business. As much as it becomes important for any Business to get Online, it also becomes as important for any Companies to invest in Blog as well as in SEO.

If you know the blogging benefits, then you must know that there are also SEO benefits of blogging.

To give you clear idea, blogs also add lots of value to any Companies SEO Performance. Here are such 7 SEO Blogging Benefits that you must know.

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#1. Increased Visibility

Developing a blog for your website enables you to reach a wider range of search queries which ensures you of on SERP’s. This means, when someone searches for a query “Benefits of SEO for Small Businesses”, the search results answer with your query by generating blogs.

It’s very simple! If you own a Website and if you’re not blogging, then you’re missing out on a whole lot of true potential traffic.

#2. Helps to Rank for Specific Keywords

The best part of blogging is that you can rank many blog posts for specific targeted keywords by focusing on a particular blog topic.

This answers to the user’s query for that targeted keyword.

These searches can bring you more leads to your website and convert them as long-term customers. Hence this becomes the most advantage of blogging.

#3. Can Index More Pages

One of the seo blogging benefits is that it allows you to index as many as pages and posts on SERP’s as possible. The more the Indexed Pages, the more searchable pages are going to be. Also, other factors such as the credibility and the trustworthy websites are going to get ranked higher.

However, it doesn’t mean that having a large number of Pages indexed can only perform well in search engines and get recognized. Even if the smaller website witch great quality content can appear in search engines with ease. It all comes down to Content with best quality.

Thus, the companies having consistent blogging can index more pages over a period of time.

#4. Build Backlinks Easily

There are many strategies out there from which you can build backlinks. One such seo blogging benefits is to build backlinks via reaching out to other blogs of your Niche. You can do so by writing an email to them and asking for a backlink for their articles if your content is good.

You can also do get backlinks by writing a better blog on any of the topics of your choice and reach out to many asking for a backlink. Moreover, if you write a blog of great quality, you directly going to earn backlinks.

#5. Create Qualitative Internal Linking

The best part of Internal Linking is that you can Navigate the Visitor to any of the Pages and Posts that you would like to keep the Visitor and Audience engaged. This is also called as Link Juicing for your Website. Thus, the Blogging is the one which makes it possible for you to take a Visitor anywhere in the Website.

This is all part of the Content Strategy. Having a Blog alongside a Website is the best way of internal link building. You need to make sure that you are Optimizing your Website through internal linking.

#6. Blog Keeps You Up To Date On Search Engines

Having a blog, that is updated on a regular and frequent basis ensures your rankings are maintained within audiences reach.

An up to date blog, helps you be on search engines on top and rank easily by competing against your competitors. Google loves those blogs which are always up to date and house lots of valuable quality content in them.

This is why Blogging allows you to keep your content up to date which enables google to rank your posts on SERP’s.

#7. Enhanced and Improved User Experience

The Key benefit of seo in blogging is that it allows you to craft your website with blog. SEO plays a vital role in building a blog that offers a greater, enhanced and improved user experience.

This keeps the User engaged whenever he or she visits your blog. Blogging is the way that you can make this one possible by providing qualitative content with the help of Media Files such as images and videos.

The other such technique that you can use is Infographics, which are treated as the most engageable content for any user of any age. A blog filled with infographics keeps you on top every time, which is a great benefit of seo.


Know you know the benefits of blogging; we suggest you to start creating your first blog from today itself. Getting started is the first thing you must do. Rest you will learn on your own as the days progress.

There are many blogging benefits once you start your blogging journey.

Tell us in Comments below, which is your best benefit of blogging that will motivate you to start your first blog.


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