11 Benefits of SEO For Small Business Increase In Customer Growth

Thinking of Starting a Small Business? Want to make your presence Online and expand your Business? We are sure you have already explored What is SEO and its Basics?

Even though there are plenty of Benefits of SEO, you also need to look for Key Benefits of SEO for Small Business.

The SEO Benefits listed below will surely matter a lot for your Small Business.

Don’t forget to explore the Complete List of SEO Benefits for Small Business.

Benefits of SEO For Small Business

#1. SEO Helps To Bring In More Customers That Results In Increase In Sales

When you think about setting up your Small Business, the first thing you should do is getting yourself Online. Love It or Hate It! Getting yourself Online is a great way to Kickstart your Business.

Having a Website Online 24×7 where you can increase your Customer Base and help you to grow your Business and achieve excellent Sales. Best SEO Practices are the one which makes it possible.

“Businesses which have well SEO Optimized Website bring in MORE CUSTOMERS and helps grow 2 times Faster than regular Businesses who don’t have Website. According to Google Survey, it was believed to be 40% where-in Businesses can grow from their Website. SEO is the one which is Most Efficient and Affordable Marketing Strategy that your Website needs for growth of Customers. This means the SEO will bring in Targeted Customers who are actually looking for your Products and Services.”

Getting yourself on SERP’s should be your Prime Focus for your Niche Keywords. Being on 1st Page of Google will ensure you of reaching out to hundreds of Thousands of Customers every Month.

The more the Top of SERP Results, the more the Traffic you are going to receive.

#2. SEO Helps In Getting More Traffic To Your Website

When you have started a Small Business over Online and if you don’t have Traffic then you are not going to make Sales nor going to gain Customers.

SEO is the one that helps you to increase the Traffic to your Website with the help of Organic Search. This is the key aspect of Digital Marketing and Content Marketing.

It doesn’t matter even if you have a great website with great content, if your Website is not getting Traffic.

Organic Searches not only bring in more Traffic but also helps to build the Brand Image for your Small Business. Being on SERP’s in 1st Page of Google will help you to increase Conversion Rates too.

“According to WordStream, 80% of a Website Traffic generates from a Search Query. It helps to bring in more Organic Traffic which is very important for any Small Business. The Organic Traffic is the one that brings in Visitor to your Website through a Search Query which is an Unpaid (Organic) Traffic form SERP’s Search Results. Thus, improving this is called as SEO, the Search Engine Optimization which is must for a Small Business.”

Getting Traffic to your Website is the key to increase your Sales and Growth of your Business. Traffic also helps to build your Brand Credibility.

#3. SEO Improves Your Conversion Rates

Having your Website 24×7 Online over the Internet doesn’t mean you that your Conversion Rates going to improve. You need work on Keywords to get your Website on top of SERP’s.

A well Optimized SEO and a Fast Loading Website will assure you of Higher Rankings in SERP’s. This in-turn will result in Higher Conversion Rates. Thus, getting yourself on Top 3 Rankings will surely ensure you of Higher Conversion Rates.

The moment you start getting Clicks on Google, Google will start promoting your Website more which also leads to higher conversion rates.

Having more CTR results in Increase in your Product Sales, Growth in Customer base and ensures you of Long-Term Loyal Customers.

“Conversion Rate Optimization is one of the SEO Processes of Optimizing your Website or a Blog Post or any Landing Page UI Experience based on your Audiences and Visitors behavior to help to improve the Click Through Rates and Conversion Rates for that particular page or post.”

Hence, it doesn’t matter whether you have a Small Business or Large Business, if you have implemented SEO very well then, your CTR will increase no time.

#4. SEO Improves Your Brand and Credibility

The best part of SEO implementation is that you Rank your Website on 1st Page of SERP’s in Google. Once you stay in 1st Page and increase your CTR will surely help you to build your Brand and Credibility.

The more the Visitors, the more will be your Trusted Customers. Once there is an Increase of Customer Base the Brand Awareness starts building on its own.

Most of the Users (up to 75%) in the Internet, especially in Google will only click the Links which are in the 1st Page that to especially in Top 3. This not only increases your Brand Value also drives more Customers to your Website.

“SEO Brand or SEO Branding is the one which allows Small Businesses to improve upon Digital Marketing from a Digital Marketing Agencies. The SEO Brand not only help you build your Credibility, but also helps to Scale your Business. The SEO Brand Reputation Management is the one that focuses on SERP and Keyword Performance. It is the way in which you can present your Brand in the best way you can possible on Search Results.”

Our suggestion for those who have started Small Businesses is that you must invest in SEO and gain Top Positions in SERP’s to build your Brand and Credibility.

Brand is the one that helps Small Businesses to grow faster and increase sales.

#5. SEO Helps To Explore New Markets

You have started a Small Business and want to explore into New Markets then SEO is the one that makes it possible for you to get into New Markets.

The moment when you have implemented a great SEO Strategy, you will start generating more leads and customers. This will help you explore into new markets leading to more Sales.

Even though your Business is Small, you can expand your Business into New Markets.

To explore new markets, you can make use of Social Media’s such as Facebook or Instagram, which can drive in more Traffic to your Website.

The other thing you should keep in mind is that, to set up Google MyBusiness if you are a Small Business that boosts your Local SEO which helps to gain more Clients to your Business.

#6. SEO Helps to Build Fan Base Via Email Marketing

This is one of the great Benefits of SEO for any Small Businesses. Having an Email List of your Visitors can actually turn into a satisfied and loyal Customers for long-term run.

Making use of Email Marketing you can build Thousands of Lakhs of Clients for your Businesses. In Digital Marketing with well implemented SEO Strategy leads to increase in Sales of your Products via Email Marketing.

Through Email Marketing you can generate Traffic as and when you want and generate Sales in huge numbers.

Now a days, if you ask most of the Bloggers and Entrepreneurs, all say only one thing, build your Email List, promote your Products and increase Sales.

Make use of SEO Strategies such as News Letters or Pop-up Subscribe (like you have seen with our Blog) to ask your Visitors to get Subscribe and turn them as long-term Customers.

#7. SEO Helps to Overtake Your Competitors

Now a days, there is lot of Competition in the Digital Marketing and Ranking your Website on Google SERP’s.

If you have a Competitor in your same Niche then, it’s time to invest in SEO and overtake him in SERP’s and make your Small Business to grow with ease.

Make use of SEO and Keyword Tools to grow in your Business with well optimized Content that is developed with your Products.

If your Competitor is investing on SEO and you are not, then your Business is going to see extreme losses in no time. And your Competitor going to grow his Business in no time.

If they are not doing any SEO and not investing in Digital Marketing, then it’s a Big Positive Point for you to grab this opportunity and grow your Small Business.

#8. SEO Helps To Open Your Business 24×7

Being Online just doesn’t matter. If you have a Small Business then keep it alive on all days 24×7.

With the Strategies of SEO and being a Small Business and having your presence 24×7 online over the Internet will keep on generating Sales on your Products, leading to your Companies Growth.

Buy a Web Hosting which will be having an uptime of 99% at-least which will ensure you of your Business to be Open all the time, 24×7.

#9. SEO Helps Run Your Business Cost-Effectively

Small Business? Have a restricted Budget and worrying how to Market?

Need not to worry! SEO is the one that helps you to control your spends on Ads and Marketing cost-effectively.

For Larger Businesses it becomes very much easier to spend money on Advertising. But, unfortunately, it’s not the same. The Small Businesses need to rely on SEO to get the most of it.

Hence, investing on SEO is going to be a great choice for Small Businesses.

Once you had Profits via SEO Strategies, you can use the same money to run ad campaigns on Google and reach more Customers.

#10. SEO is Long-Lasting

For Small Businesses it takes some time to build their Branding Online. But, if you know all about SEO, then it becomes easier.

Investing on SEO may not give you results as of now. However, today’s SEO implementation gives you results in Long-Term which are going to be Long-Lasting, that keeps on generating Sales and Customers.

All you have to do is to keeping your SEO alive for Long-Lasting Results.

#11. SEO Helps To Create Well Optimized Authentic SEO Blogs

Blogging on your Website via Blogging Platforms for your Targeted Niche can lead to Rank better your Website on SERP’s. Thanks to the Niche Targeted Keywords which makes it possible.

For Small Businesses this is going to be boon for growing their Business.

All you have to do is keep posting Blog Posts on your Products and other related Content for your Niche. This will not only help your Blog Posts to Rank in SERP’s, but also drives Customers to your Business.

Now a days, almost of all of Company’s are doing the same to grow their Customer Base. Being a Small Business, you can easily compete with well-deserved LSI Keywords for your Niche.

You can build an authentic brand with your Blog for your Website. In simple words, the SEO can help you build a well-optimized Website that attracts more and more Customers to your Small Business.

How Can You Take Advantage of the Benefits of SEO For Your Small Business?

Like we said earlier, whether it’s a Small Business or a Large Business SEO is must for your Business. Having a Website for your Niche is a great way to kickstart the journey of SEO on online.

#1. Create and Setup Your Website First

Creating an SEO Friendly Website for your Small Business will help you immensely in growing your Business. Still there are more than 60% of Small Businesses around the World doesn’t have a Website. Hence, they couldn’t able to reach to greater Audience and Customers.

But, the good thing of this is that you have plenty of space to explore upon over the Internet via your Website and expand your Small Business.

A recent survey from Google stated that, Small Businesses are expected to Grow by 40% Faster than those who don’t have a Website. All you have to do is Buy a Domain and set up Web Hosting, install WordPress and get started, which will cost you around Rs.4,000/- to Rs.7,000/-.

Once setup, don’t forget to Create About Us, Contact Us, Products, Google Map to Find You, Business Working Hours and Google MyBusiness for Local SEO.

#2. Don’t Forget To Make The Best Use of Digital Marketing Strategies

Along with SEO it’s also very important to invest on Digital Marketing Campaigns as they help you bring in more Customers and Leads to your Business.

You can either hire an SEO Expert or a Digital Marketing Manager who can help you out in building your Small Business and generate Leads and Customers.

Spending money on SEO or Digital Marketing doesn’t mean that you are wasting money. It means you are Investing on something which will give you Results at a later stage which can lasts longer.

The Benefits of SEO for your Small Business which we have explained above are going to be a Careful Investment from your side for your Business to grow your Customers and reach the Highest Sales.

#3. Learn SEO and Digital Marketing for Yourself

This is very much important for your Business as it matters a lot for your Small Business. It doesn’t matter you are hiring an SEO Expert or you are going to do SEO and Digital Marketing on your own? You need to Learn SEO.

Developing these Skills will hep you in many ways for expanding your Business. You can explore all the options and make decisions on how to proceed, when to proceed, where to invest and how much I need to invest and so on.

These Skills will answer all of your queries and emerge you as an Expert in these Fields.

At the beginning, our suggestion could be to you is that to start working on your Website for SEO on your own. This is because you don’t have to invest much and you will be learning the things on your own.

Once everything is fine and you budget then you can Outsource for SEO and Digital Marketing Campaigns.

Why Your Small Business Needs SEO?

SEO is very much important, if you have a Small Business. SEO is the way in which the Google determines the Websites Rankings on SERP Results that to especially in 1st Page of Google for Users Search Query.

If you can able to implement SEO well on your Website then its greater chance that you could be Featured in Google’s 1st Page of SERP as a Featured Snippet. This will generate thousands of millions of Traffic for your Website where-in the Visitors can turn as your Customers.

Rather than investing on Advertisements, investing on SEO could result in greater Traffic for your Website, hence the SEO is Important for your Small Business.

Top 7 Key Benefits of SEO For Small Business

Here are our Top 7 Key Benefits of SEO for your Small Business:

#1. SEO Helps To Bring In More Customers That Results In Increase In Sales

#2. SEO Helps In Getting More Traffic To Your Website

#3. SEO Improves Your Conversion Rates

#4. SEO Improves Your Brand and Credibility

#5. SEO Helps To Explore New Markets

#6. SEO Helps to Build Fan Base Via Email Marketing

#7. SEO Helps to Overtake Your Competitors

Benefits of Business Listing In SEO For Benefits of SEO For Small Business

Business Listing could be of greater use if you have a Small Business, as it allows you to reach out to millions of people around the World, which help you converting them as your Full-Time Customers.

There are ton of Business Listing Directories out there Online which you can join in and make your presence online.

#1. Helps to Increase Traffic to your Website

#2. Helps to Improve your Trust, Brand and Credibility

#3. Helps to Improve your Online Presence

#4. Helps to Improve Rankings on SERP Results

#5. Helps to Convert Audiences as Full-Time Customers

#6. Helps to Grow your Customer Base

#7. Helps to Get Customer Reviews and Testimonials

#8. Helps to Boost in your Local Visibility and Increase Local Business

Benefits of SEO Agency

SEO Agency can be very much beneficial when you don’t have time for SEO and Digital Marketing implementation for your Small Business. Hiring an SEO Agency comes very much handy when you have budget for Investing on SEO Agency.

For these exact reasons listed below, why there is lot of SEO Agencies out there who can help your SEO get done for your Website.

#1. SEO Can Be Complicated:

If you are new in Online SEO Industry, then SEO becomes very much difficult for you to execute on your Website.

The SEO Agencies out there will be having Professionals who are Experts in SEO and Digital Marketing. They know exactly what it needs to be done for a Website to Rank in SERP’s.

#2. Insights on Specific and Key Analytics

There are ton of Analytics needs to be analyzed and verified which are very much important for the Growth of your Business.

However, looking after so much of Analytics at a time could be challenging for you. Thus, the SEO Agencies are the one which could help you in this regard.

#3. Long-Lasting Results

SEO Agencies can help you with long-lasting results for you to grow your Business with ease.

They will help you out to bring more Traffic to your Website for longer period of time.


We hope our Article on Benefits of SEO for Small Business have helped Small Businesses to understand why you need SEO to your Business?

For Small Businesses, SEO is very much important for your Business Growth. There is lot of Opportunity for growth and success.

If you have understood the Benefits of SEO, then we suggest you to Invest definitely on SEO and Digital Marketing. Consider this Investment as an Investment not as a Cost.

Have Patience! Build SEO Friendly Website. The rest will be seen in results of your Website Traffic and Customers Growth.

Tell us your Experience of SEO for your Small Business in Comments below!

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