30+ Best Online Coaching Platforms [2022] | Online Coaching Sites Free For Bloggers

No matter whether you are a blogger or a teacher or a coach or a businessman you need the best online coaching platforms that helps to provide better coaching for your customers, students, or employees. If you have started one of the lifestyle business ideas, then you must need the best online course platforms free to grow your business and to scale your business.

In today’s world of digital marketing and covid-19 pandemic the online coaching industry has gained a huge boost over the offline coaching. The lockdown’s that the many countries have put to control the spread of covid-19 resulted in closing of many industries including the coaching industry.

That’s the time when you need  the online coaching tools and platforms not only to train your employees but also its customers and students too. If you are one of those who is searching for the best online coaching platforms, then you are in the right place.

In this post today we will be going to take you through the complete list of online coaching platforms with our complete guide on coaching platforms that are dominating in the market. Not only that, after reading this complete article you can also able to decide which coaching tools that fits perfectly in your business so that you can scale your business or transform the coaching industry and better educate the students.

Over the past few years the online coaching industry has so evolved today that the online coaching has become a new trend in coaching students, employees and customers too.

Many of the bloggers, teachers, companies, businessman, and coach are shifting to online coaching because of its trend, ease of accessibility, profits, benefits, ability to reach millions, ability to scale your business, and so on. Thanks to the digital coaching or remote coaching that made the coaching much profitable and easier to coach.

This is where all changes, the online coaching platforms brings in the change that you are exactly looking for weather it could be coaching tools, coaching platforms, or technologies in the fields of coaching. These help the businesses to scale rapidly in no time by offering you the option of delivering coaching in the most effective manner.


The best part of online coaching industry is that, they offer simple digital coaching platforms or even complete coaching solutions from end to end for you to choose from depending upon your business needs.

Before you get started to pick your online coaching platform, its advised for you to must decide on the best online coaching business model that helps in deciding which online coaching platform is the best for you according to your business needs.

Many coaching platforms online offers the following tools or a combination of tools packaged in the online coaching platform that are appropriate for your business needs.

These are very helpful and must be wisely chosen depending upon whether you are a solopreneur or own a large business or even an organization. Choosing the package with different tools of online coaching can ease the way of your online coaching.

Online coaching tools under online coaching platforms package:

Below are the list of online coaching tools that are available within the online coaching platforms package which you can choose based on your business needs or coaching needs.

The online platforms can offer you with a choice of choosing them separately or with the combination of many tools. Some are best for small businesses, some are best for large businesses or some are best for lifestyle entrepreneurs and some are best for medium businesses.

1. Administrative Tools

There are many administrative tools under online coaching platforms that are must for any businesses. Usually these tools are best suited for smaller businesses. Some of the such administrative tools that you must look for are,

  • Contacts
  • Payments
  • Scheduling and so on.

2. Remote Communication Tools and Messaging Tools

As now many businesses are moving towards remote work environment or hybrid work environment, you need online coaching tools that offer you the option of reaching out to your employees or students at any time of your choice. In such situations you must look for the following remote communication and messaging capabilities such as,

  • Real Time Communication Apps
  • Instant Messaging
  • SMS Messaging
  • Quick Connect
  • Telephonic or Quick Call Features
  • Video Calling Features
  • Video Coaching Tools
  • Group Coaching Tools and so on.

3. Data Collection Tools

Data collection is one of the most painful activities of any coaching tools. You must look for a online coaching platform that offers tools or apps that helps to keep track of the data that you really wish for or those data that helps to improve your coaching.

Not only that the data captured must enable you the option of scaling your business strategically. The more the data is real time the more effectiveness that you can bring in various activities of your business. The real time data must be presented which must be understood by a common layman too. Such tools that offer data collection capabilities are,

  • Smartphone Apps
  • Desktop Apps or Laptop Apps
  • Wearables
  • Biometrics
  • Connected Devices
  • Real Time Coaching Hours Tracking
  • Real Time Audience Retention Tracking and so on.

4. Video Editing Tools

Some of the online coaching platforms also offers quick video editing tools that are most effective in get started with your online coaching. These tools also help in better deliver the coaching content so that the trainer can enjoy watching and listening. Such tools could include,

  • Adding Filters
  • Adding Music
  • Adding Links to Other Coaching Episodes
  • Adding Texts
  • Adding Sub-titles
  • Adding Images and so on.

5. Data Monitoring Tools and Analysis Tools

The other best features of online coaching platforms that you must look for are the real time data monitoring and analysis tools that helps to improve your coaching for the next time when you deliver the same. These are must required tools for those businesses that are running critical businesses. Such tools can be,

  • Tools for Coaches and Managers
  • Coaching Feedback Tools
  • Survey Tools
  • Analysis Tools
  • Attention to Detail Tools
  • Coaching Attention Ratio Tools
  • Training Success Analysis Tools and so on.

6. Content Delivery Tools

The most important tools for online coaching is the content delivery tools that helps coaches to deliver the content across wide variety of platforms that can be used by trainers according to their needs. Whether it could be a video or an image or PDF you need tools that makes it easier for you to spread your content across different platforms.

  • Live Coaching Tools
  • Premier Coaching Tools
  • PDF Coaching Tools
  • Image Sharing Tools to Web Pages
  • Link Sharing Tools to Web Pages
  • Learning Management System (LMS) Tools
  • Group Coaching Program Tools and so on.

The Best Online Coaching Platforms To Scale Your Business [2022]

Once you have the above criteria in your mind that what to look for in the best online coaching platforms over the market, we recommend to go for the below online coaching platforms that offer exactly that you are looking for and makes your online coaching journey more successful or to run your online business successful.

These coaching platforms are chosen based on lots of research and reviews from different-different customers and students. Each offers great online coaching experiences, focused coaching, general management, personal accountability and so on. Choose wisely the best coaching platform depending upon your needs.

The online coaching platforms are listed based on their features, reviews, functionality and so on in no particular order. Go through each one of them and identify which is the best one for you.

The Best Online Coaching Platforms [2022]:

1. Healthie

Healthie is one of the best practice management and telehealth software online coaching platform for nutrition and wellness professionals who are going to manage their business, offer remote care, and build relationships with clients. Apart from this the Healthie also provides an enterprise solution for larger entities.


The Healthie provides a robust end to end coaching solutions not only limited to coaching but also solutions such as payments, charting and telehealth services that helps organizations and enterprises to rapidly scale their business, improve efficiency and expand their offerings.

The user interface of Healthie is clean, simple, user-friendly with icons, images and texts. Healthie coaching platform is the one of the HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Platform that is available in the market which you won’t find with many other coaching apps.


Healthie Software Features:

  • Best practice management and telehealth software
  • Healthie platform that automates the administrative, so you can focus on growth and care
  • Automate Client Onboarding, Enable Online Scheduling and Quicker & Safer Payment Processing
  • Connect With Clients and Build Better Relationships
  • Increase Revenue by Extending Your Offerings
  • Healthie is highly customizable and is best for health coaches, physical therapists, personal trainers, lactation consultants, massage therapists, naturopaths, dietitians, OTs/chiropractors, nutritionists and so on
  • Build care teams to provide coordinated care to your clients
  • Convenient Access, Scalable Options, Advanced Security and Premium Customizations
  • Client Management Portal
  • Electronic Paperwork and Intake Forms
  • Scheduling and Wellness Programs
  • Telehealth and Webinars
  • Billing and Payment Processing
  • Insurance Billing and Superbills
  • Dedicated free Mobile App
  • Cloud based EHR
  • Healthie’s API Integrates with your Favorite Business Tools such as Zoom, Stripe, Google, Calendar, Outlook, Fullscript, FFICE LLY, Fitbit and Apple Watch and so on


Healthie Pricing:

First of all the Healthie offers a 14-day free trial plan that can be canceled at any time without the need of credit card. The Healthie offers 5 pricing plans to choose from all of which offers both monthly and yearly plans.

1. Beginnings Plan 

  • For Entrepreneurs just getting started at $29/month
  • For up to 5 clients

2. Small Practice Plan

  • For providers starting, running and growing a practice at $75/month
  • For unlimited clients

3. Practice Plus Plan

  • For providers scaling a practice at $115/month
  • For unlimited clients

4. Group Practice Plan 

  • For provider-owned practices with multiple practitioners at $135/month
  • For unlimited clients

5. Enterprise Plan

  • For clients, retail organizations, health systems, health startups and more – You need to contact Healthie for an enterprise pricing plan
  • For unlimited clients

2. CoachingLoft

CoachingLoft is yet another coaching and client app that enables you to provide better coaching experiences. CoachingLoft is a cross platform software & app that helps coaches better deliver a fluent and intuitive coaching experience to their clients, so they can focus on delivering a flawless coaching session, and their clients can focus on achieving their goals.


The best part of CoachingLoft is that they offer it always for free for your first two clients. When you have just starting out your coaching business journey and you just have a couple of clients, the CoachingLoft will itself supports you and enables your growth. For this you don’t need a paid subscription unless and until you want more features or you have more than two clients to work with.

The CoachingLoft makes it easier for you to get started with its easy-to-use coaching platform. This is the most intuitive online coaching management system that especially designed to help coaches, mentors, and managers so that they can effectively and efficiently organize and improve their practice so that they can deliver a fluent coaching experience.

Being a award winning best coaching management software, the CoachingLoft allows you to have access over 500 powerful coaching questions across all stages of coaching. This helps you to easily get organized well before you start your coaching conversation and assign questions to sessions.

Apart from this the CoachingLoft also helps you to create your own preferred question bundles for future use and add your own questions to your private library. You can also directly share them with the coaching community from the platform itself.

The CoachingLoft comes with an Internal Appointment Scheduling System that lets you synchronize with your own calendar and then creates a clear coaching agenda for your upcoming appointments, which helps in keeping your clients updated and aligned.

Whether you scheduled a session or started one in the moment, Coaching Loft will log it for you, and make sure it is listed in a downloadable log that is ready to submit for accreditation. Thus, due to these amazing features, the Coaching Loft makes a perfect platform for coaching leaders and organizations in building a coaching culture.


Coaching Loft Software Features:

  • The Most Intuitive Online Coaching Management System
  • Helps coaches build, manage and organize their practice
  • Designed to make your coaching better
  • Improving follow-through and engagement in your coachees
  • All from one Central Dashboard
  • Support and engage coachees between sessions
  • Track progress and to make accomplishments visible
  • Access all data from one Central Dashboard
  • Powerful Session Notepad
  • Keep track with your Coachee’s Progress
  • Create long term Goals, Milestones, and Individual Actions with your coachee and measure their progress over time
  • Library of over 500 Coaching Questions
  • Create your Packages and Manage your Invoices
  • The system automatically update your logs after each coaching session
  • Make your Coach Profile be Found
  • Integrate with popular apps such as Zapier, MailChimp, Quickbooks, Leadfeeder, PayPal, and HubSpot


Coaching Loft Pricing:

The Coaching Loft comes with two types of pricing plans, namely,

1. For Coaches

2. For Business/Enterprise

The For Coaches Plan offers 4 different types of Membership Levels, namely,

1. Free at $0

The Free Plan of Coaching Loft includes features such as,

  • Up to 2 Clients/Coachees
  • Storage Capacity of up to 50 MB
  • Base Functionality features such as Calendar, Alerts, Chat, Assessments, Goal Setting, Coach Public Profile
  • Public Coach Profile features such as Make your profile searchable by search engines and our very own Coach Finder, gain more client leads and network
  • Google Calendar Synchronization

2. Core at $20/month

The Core Plan of Coaching Loft includes features such as,

  • 14-Days Free Trial
  • Up to 10 Clients/Coachees
  • Storage Capacity of up to 500 MB
  • Base Functionality features such as Calendar, Alerts, Chat, Assessments, Goal Setting, Coach Public Profile
  • Public Coach Profile features such as Make your profile searchable by search engines and our very own Coach Finder, gain more client leads and network
  • Calendar Synchronization including Google, Apple, Exchange, Outlook, Office 365
  • 2 Appointment Scheduling Pages that helps to create scheduling pages with different availability timings
  • And much more

3. Premium at $45/month

The Premium Plan of Coaching Loft includes features such as,

  • 14-Days Free Trial
  • Up to 30 Clients/Coachees
  • Storage Capacity of up to 1 GB
  • Base Functionality features such as Calendar, Alerts, Chat, Assessments, Goal Setting, Coach Public Profile
  • Public Coach Profile features such as Make your profile searchable by search engines and our very own Coach Finder, gain more client leads and network
  • Calendar Synchronization including Google, Apple, Exchange, Outlook, Office 365
  • 5 Appointment Scheduling Pages that helps to create scheduling pages with different availability timings
  • And much more

4. Master at $95/month

The Master Plan of Coaching Loft includes features such as,

  • 14-Days Free Trial
  • Unlimited Clients/Coachees
  • Storage Capacity of up to 2 GB
  • Base Functionality features such as Calendar, Alerts, Chat, Assessments, Goal Setting, Coach Public Profile
  • Public Coach Profile features such as Make your profile searchable by search engines and our very own Coach Finder, gain more client leads and network
  • Calendar Synchronization including Google, Apple, Exchange, Outlook, Office 365
  • Unlimited Appointment Scheduling Pages that helps to create scheduling pages with different availability timings
  • And much more

3. Satori

If you are looking for an all-in-one coaching software then satori from satoriapp.com is the one you must go for. This is the best all-in-one online coaching platform that has already helped many coaches all together earn over $17,350,000+.


The Satori helps to amplify your coaching business and helps thousands of coaches to automate admin, deliver stellar client experience and to grow their coaching practice with highest of confidence. The Satori streamlines the entire coaching and online coaching business process for coaches with full end to end solutions to master their business.

Its one of the unique coaching platforms over the internet that is clean, simple and easy to use intuit interface design that offers a CRM kind of coaching platform for coaches.

This means the Satori coaching platform is designed with a combination of customer relationship management (CRM) tool along with a business intelligence tools that helps you easily manage your coaching business all in one stop solution coaching app. This means, a complete coaching solution environment is provided in one package including,

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Coaching and Client Care
  • Calendar and Scheduling
  • Billing and Payments


Satori Coaching Software Features:

  • Build and market your coaching programs
  • Create a branded client experience
  • Preview and share your offer
  • Take online bookings and payments
  • Custom billing schedules, automatic invoicing, and offline payments
  • Automatic recurring payments and income reports
  • Client account statements and cash flow projection
  • Tax management, PayPal integration and for billing supports many currency
  • Capture email opt-ins
  • Send pre-session questionnaires or create custom timely questionnaires
  • Collect client reviews and testimonials
  • Lead generation for future coaching programs
  • Distribute/collect client proposals and agreements
  • Holistic client management
  • Intelligent agreements and personalized proposals
  • Communication log for follow-ups and tracking client communication
  • Secure client login area
  • Group sessions to manage coaching schedules for multiple members in the same loop or multi-session packages
  • Scheduling controls including, autopilot scheduling, google calendar syncing and advanced availability management
  • Automatic time zone conversion and appointment reminders
  • Seamless calendar integration through layered calendar UI
  • Integration with PayPal, Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, MailChimp and AWeber
  • 30 days trial period without any credit card


Satori Pricing:

The Satori offers a 30-day free trial that allows you to test, analyze, play around, and understand the Satori in detail. Apart from this the Satori is available in three pricing options divided into monthly and yearly plans. The starter plan starts from $33/month.

1. Starter Plan ($33/month), includes,

  • 10 Active Offers
  • 20 Active Agreements
  • 60 Monthly Sessions
  • 2500 Contacts

2. Trailblazer Plan ($49/month), includes,

  • 20 Active Offers
  • 40 Active Agreements
  • 120 Monthly Sessions
  • 5000 Contacts

3. Pro Plan ($83/month), includes,

  • Unlimited Offers
  • Unlimited Agreements
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • 10000 Contacts

4. CoachAccountable

Similar to Satori, the next in our list of online coaching platforms is the CoachAccountable which offers the same features as that of Satori including basic administrative tools such as running a coaching business, scheduling sessions, including accepting payments. creating detailed individual coaching plans for clients. It also includes delivery via electronically and documents sharing.


CoachAccountable online coaching platform makes it easier for competent coaches to do their very best work by offering the best coaching in its most effective and more approachable manner. CoachAccountable helps you to deliver better programs to more people with less work.


CoachAccountable Features:

  • Scheduling, contracts, invoicing, coaching packages and so on all-in-one place
  • Offers mobile-friendly workplace
  • Conveniently accessible from any web-connected device
  • Appointments and Elegant scheduling that syncs with everyone’s calendar
  • Optional pre and post Worksheet assignments
  • Generate one-time and recurring invoices for your clients
  • Get paid online through your Stripe, Square or PayPal account, with no additional processing fees
  • Sell your coaching programs and book with prospects from your own site
  • Package your coaching in an easy-to-buy format
  • Manage engagements that span a number of months, hours, and/or appointments
  • Track the progression of your client engagements
  • See at a glance how many sessions or days a client has remaining
  • Automatically invoice and bill on schedule
  • Send timely notices of engagement progression to you and your clients
  • Effectively interface with the organizations that hire you
  • Organize your individual clients by company
  • Invite personnel to have their own in-app access
  • Invoice organizations rather than individuals
  • Manage client contracts, terms, and agreements with ease
  • Rigorous accountability and oversight at an unprecedented level of detail
  • Turn good ideas into a real plan with reminders and due dates
  • Track KPIs and measure real results over weeks or months
  • Build a collection of documented insights from your coaching calls, easily accessible for later reference
  • Send assignments such as intake paperwork, check-ins, and exercises
  • You and your client can access shared files from anywhere
  • Uploads, links, videos, embedded media
  • Group Metrics for a game pulling towards a shared goal
  • Group Projects to divide up tasks between members
  • Group Coaching platform for joint accountability, friendly competition, and lively discussion
  • Automated drip delivery of your best material such as courses


CoachAccountable Pricing:

Compared to other online coaching platforms, the CoachAccountable has a different pricing model where-in the pricing is based on the number of clients. The granular pricing model ranges from $10 to $4 per client per month as your business grows, it becomes the most expensive coaching platforms to choose from. More the clients, more costlier is the platform.

Generally, they have to pricing models to choose from. And the price to pay is based on the number of clients you serve. They also offer a 30-day trial with no credit card required.

The pricing plans are as follows:

1. Single Coach

  • Starter Plan ($20/month for 2 clients)
  • Level 1 ($40/month for 5 clients)
  • Level 2 ($70/month for 10 clients)
  • Level 3 ($120/month for 20 clients)
  • Level 3.5 ($200/month for 35 clients)
  • Level 4 ($250/month for 50 clients)
  • Level 4.5 ($340/month for 75 clients)
  • Level 5 ($400/month for 100 clients)

For more than 100 clients, they have the bigger packages at the same $4/client rate, which corresponds to,

  • $600/month for 150 clients
  • $800/month for 200 clients
  • $1000/month for 250 clients

2. Team Edition

  • Starter Plan ($20/month for 2 clients)
  • Level 1 ($40/month for 5 clients)
  • Level 2 ($70/month for 10 clients)
  • Level 3 ($120/month for 20 clients)
  • Level 3.5 ($200/month for 35 clients)
  • Level 4 ($250/month for 50 clients)
  • Level 4.5 ($340/month for 75 clients)
  • Level 5 ($400/month for 100 clients)

For more than 100 clients, they have the bigger packages at the same $4/client rate, which corresponds to,

  • $600/month for 150 clients
  • $800/month for 200 clients
  • $1000/month for 250 clients

5. Nudge Coach

If you are one of those who is looking for a fully customizable online coaching platform then the Nudge Coach is the one you must go for. The Nudge Coach offers you the option of customizing your online coaching platform with ease and is designed with first and foremost to help the coaches get and keep clients on track in-between sessions and remotely.


The Nudge Coach was firstly developed as a customer-facing personal habit tracking app. Now they have transformed it to be the best coaching app for clients in the most user-friendly client experience on the market.

The Nudge Coach platform now caters around health coaches, life coaches, and business coaches including their coaching teams deliver the best coaching services at a scale with the full integration of client tracking and coaching tools. This helps you to identify on who needs the attention and to keep clients on track right by sending right message at the right time instantly or scheduled.

The Nudge Coach offers a customizable coaching app that can be transformed into the best online coaching platform that doesn’t require coding. The best part of Nudge Coach is that you can try for free. All you have to do is signup and coach your first 3 clients for free, no credit card required.


Nudge Coach Coaching App Features:

  • Best customizable mobile coaching app
  • Build spreadsheets, simple forms and trackers directly into the coaching app to manage your clients
  • Create program cards within the app to engage your clients as part of email marketing strategy that are interactive
  • Create nudge groups to segment your growing client list and manage membership community interactions
  • Keep all your client communications securely in one place with Nudge Messaging
  • Set goals and targets for anything you want or your clients want to track
  • Card Sequences let you schedule out entire programs in advance and deliver them automatically


Nudge Coach Pricing:

The Nudge Coach offers a customizable coaching app that is priced around 4 pricing plans to choose from. All plans are available in pay monthly as well as pay yearly. The pricing plans are as follows:

  • Free Plan ($0 and is free for up to 3 clients)
  • Build Plan ($30/month for up to 15 clients)
  • Grow Plan ($60/month for up to 50 clients)
  • Scale Plan ($100/month for up to 100 clients)
  • If you have more than 100 clients then you need to pay $1 per client per month.

Apart from this there is also white label app development available. This helps you launch custom branded coaching app for clients in the App Store and Google Play. Pricing based on user tiers. Here you can able to included branded apps based on your needs.

6. TrueCoach

TrueCoach is yet another online coaching platforms that helps personal trainers and fitness businesses to launch remote coaching and training’s in sessions or package. The TrueCoach has the ability yo connect with clients remotely and offer workout training videos seamlessly.


Some of the features of TrueCoach are similar to the Nudge Coach. The TrueCoach also offers driving remote coaching engagement along with accountability through targeted communication and health tracking. With TrueCoach coaching software you can train your clients both including normal training sessions and personal training sessions.

Thus, if you are looking for the best fitness coaching app or software to manage your clients then TrueCoach is the one that offers all you need all at one place fitness coaching app for professional trainers.


TrueCoach Coaching Software Features:

  • All-in-one platform built for fitness professionals
  • Workout builder for to design and deliver personalized workouts using exercises and videos from library
  • Offers video exercise library that is pre-loaded with 1200+ premium exercise videos along with option to load your own
  • Real-time messaging for commenting on videos and direct messaging
  • Client management to manage all of your clients and their workouts all in one place
  • Email notifications to automatically notify your clients on upcoming workout sessions
  • Progress tracking to easily track exercise history and metrics
  • Program builder to design an entire series of workouts for your clients
  • Nutrition tracking with high-level macro goals and measure progress on a per client basis
  • Team accounts to build your own support teams of coaches
  • Custom theming for your account with your own logo and colors
  • Compliance tracking for your clients from 7, 30 and 90-day compliance rate
  • Intuitive dashboard with one screen to quickly know what your clients are doing


TrueCoach Pricing:

TrueCoach offers a 14-day free trial  without credit card and option to cancel at any time. The TrueCoach offers 3 pricing plans to choose from:

1. The Starter Plan ($25/month), includes:

  • Up to 5 active clients
  • TrueCoach payments

2. The Standard Plan ($55/month), includes:

  • Up to 20 active clients
  • Custom themed with your brand
  • TrueCoach payments

3. The Pro Plan ($110/month), includes:

  • Up to 50 active clients
  • Custom themed with your brand
  • TrueCoach payments

If you have more than 50 clients then you can directly contact TrueCoach support team, who will offer you special pricing plan.

7. Coach Catalyst

The Coach Catalyst offers all in one package that is perfect for gym owners, nutrition coaches, personal trainers, health coaches and so on. Coach Catalyst is yet another fitness coaching app that provides workout videos and exercises to its customers.


The Coach Catalyst is almost similar to the TrueCoach and it is also an online coaching platform that helps personal trainers and fitness businesses to launch remote coaching and training’s in sessions or package.

The Coach Catalyst has the ability yo connect with clients remotely and offer workout training videos seamlessly. The system of Coach Catalyst has built on the concept of everyday client engagement through simple daily check-ins that helps to complete the tasks and stay accountable in-between the sessions.

Thanks to its easy-to-understand and intuit dashboard that helps the coach to monitor progress, reach to the ones who needs attention and motivate them with additional coaching support.

Similar to TrueCoach the Coach Catalyst also offers a library full of workout videos to choose, select, and edit videos so that you can provide value and education for your clients.


Coach Catalyst Coaching App Features:

  • Compliance and Metrics to monitor clients progress and their accountability
  • A program library that offers long term coaching program, short term transformation challenges, and so on
  • Offers comprehensive done-for-you program to engage new clients
  • In-built programs that contains lessons, actions/habits, workouts, messages and so on
  • Fastest workout builder that comes 1200+ exercises and brand-neutral animated videos pre-loaded
  • Offers real time client communication all in one place including scheduled messages
  • Customization features for business branding such as brand logo, brand colors and business name
  • Voice customization option from lesson content to the client app


Coach Catalyst Pricing:

The best part of Coach Catalyst is that it offers very simple pricing plan that you can able to control based on the number of clients that you have. The Coach Catalyst starts from $39/month for up to 12 clients. This includes the following features,

  • Automated accountability client check-ins
  • Direct message clients through the MyCoach app
  • Access 30+ done-for-you programs
  • Metric tracking
  • Brand with your logo and name
  • Progress photos
  • Compliance and metric reports
  • Centralized inbox
  • Invite your team
  • Premium support
  • Workout builder
  • Communities (coming soon)

In general, the Coach Catalyst coaching app pricing plan is as follows:

  • $39/month for up to 12 clients
  • $79/month for up to 50 clients
  • $99/month for up to 75 clients
  • $119/month for up to 100 clients
  • $139/month for up to 150 clients
  • $159/month for up to 200 clients
  • $189/month for up to 250 clients
  • $219/month for up to 300 clients
  • $249/month for up to 350 clients
  • $279/month for up to 400 clients
  • $299/month for up to 450 clients
  • $299/month for up to 500 clients
  • More than 500 clients, you can call them for pricing plan

The Best Practice Management Tools [2021]

Similar to the online coaching platforms that offers best coaching capabilities you must also look for the best practice management platforms that are helpful for you to get started with your online coaching journey. These platforms are also indirectly part of online coaching platforms.

8. Practice Better

Practice Better is one of the best practice management platform that offers nutrition practice for health and wellness professionals such as nutrition coaches.


The Practice Better offers many features including a simple way to manage recommendations, bookings, payments, clients progress tracking and so on. The best part of Practice Better is that it is HIPAA compliant that includes branding, video conferencing, forms creation and program creation.

Starting from client management to client accountability including scheduling and billing features are greatly designed in Practice Better. The Practice Better is one of the secure, cloud based practice management tool that helps to save your time and money.


Practice Better Practitioner Platform Features:

  • Your availability customization that helps clients to book appointments right from your website or the client portal
  • Create notes, protocols and recommendations for health concerns you routinely encounter
  • Set up templates and easily modify them to meet your clients individual needs
  • Create Protocols, Recommendations, Tasks, Reminders, Session Notes and Documents
  • Create beautiful forms which can be automatically sent out to clients before and after appointments
  • Clients can fill out their forms and sign waivers from any device
  • Secure Messaging and Instant Alerts
  • Food and Lifestyle Journals
  • Scheduling and Billing
  • Run your signature programs right from Practice Better
  • Fixed-date and Evergreen Programs
  • Add tasks and worksheets to your program modules to keep clients accountable
  • 24/7 access to files and records
  • Practice Better is HIPAA, PIPEDA and GDPR compliant
  • Record and Manage Sessions
  • Telehealth Video Chat
  • Instant Messaging and Notifications
  • Create Tasks, Reminders, Programs and Courses
  • Branding and Customizations
  • Practice Better integrates with many popular services including Stripe, Square, Zapier, Fullscript, Google, and Dropbox


Practice Better Pricing:

Similar to the other coaching platforms that are online, the Practice Better also offers 5 pricing plans to choose from which includes a free plan too. Here are the pricing plans of Practice Better:

1. Sprout Plan for $0 (Free Forever)

  • For up to 3 clients
  • 100 MB storage
  • And limited functionality such as secure client portal, iOS/Android apps, scheduling, billing, forms, waivers and so on

2. Starter Plan for $19/month

  • All features of Sprout plan
  • For up to 10 clients
  • 1 GB storage
  • And additional features such as telehealth video chat, invoicing, payments, enhanced food database, barcode scanning and so on

3. Professional Plan for $49/month

  • All features of Starter plan
  • For up to 200 clients
  • 5 GB storage
  • And additional features including group chat, fixed date programs, zapier integration, PDF branding and so on

4. Plus Plan for $79/month

  • All features of Professional plan
  • For unlimited clients
  • 10 GB storage
  • And additional features such as for up to 3 admin users, run evergreen programs, personalized url, personalized branding, broadcasts, text reminders, dedicated fax number and so on

5. Team Plan for $135/month

  • All features of Plus plan
  • For unlimited clients
  • 15 GB storage per practitioner
  • For up to 20 practitioners
  • For up to 20 admin users
  • And additional features such as managed billing, unified calendar, bookings, roles, permissions and so on

9. MBody360

MBody360 is an integrated platform for lifestyle plans, coaching, communications, health and wellness coaches. The MBody360 connects practitioners to their clients in real-time for better results.


The MBody360 helps to create lifestyle plans that consists of components ranging from diet, activity, nutrition, supplementation to sleep and so on. This helps the clients to monitor manually or even by syncing in data from apps such as Apple Health and Google Fit.

The best part of MBody360 is that it offers and supports 1-to-1 and group-based coaching platforms which gives you the flexibility to run various types of programs with ease. The MBody360 platform has Shopify integration that allows you directly and seamlessly integrate your store to offer better client experience.

The MBody360 platform and the mobile app are HIPAA-compliant and helps health practitioners gain powerful tools such as,


MBody360 Platform Features:

  • Complete Lifestyle Plans
  • Customize Diet, Supplements, Exercise, Meditation, Sleep & More
  • Improve engagement, tracking & compliance
  • Video and Text Chat
  • Individual and Group Coaching Tools
  • Monitoring and communications
  • Real-time data capture and analysis
  • Library of customizable plans includes Daily Guidelines, Detailed Meal Plans, Recipes, FAQs, Shopping Lists and More
  • Secure video and chat lets you stay in touch between visits
  • No need for separate video conferencing software
  • Intuitive client app for Apple and Android
  • Integration with Fitbit, Apple Health and Google Fit
  • Real-time monitoring and measurable outcomes
  • Intuitive Practice Dashboard
  • Library of Done-For-You Nutritional Plans
  • Tracking for Sleep, Nutrition, Supplementation, Meditation, Condition, Body Metrics/Vitals
  • Automated Reminders and Notifications
  • Health, Fitness Device and App Integration
  • Content Uploads – Video & Documents
  • Custom Plans (available with Pro or Practice subscription plans)


MBody360 Pricing:

The MBody360 offers a free plan or a free trial plan for up to 2 clients which you can use it for as long as you like the platform without the need of a credit card. You have the option of always upgrade at any time. Apart from this the MBody360 offers 4 pricing plans to choose from which are bundled with different features.

The MBody360 pricing plans are as follows:

1. Solo Lite Plan ($29.95/month)

  • Best for engagement and coaching
  • One practitioner
  • 5 active clients/patients
  • Includes features such as Built-In Nutrition Plan Templates, Self-Guided Onboarding and Online Customer Support

2. Solo Plan ($79/month)

  • Best for managing your wellness practice
  • One practitioner
  • Unlimited clients/patients
  • Includes all features of solo lite plan along with additional features such as Video Chat and On-boarding Support

3. Pro Plan ($149/month)

  • Best for collaborative and customize your plan
  • 3 practitioners
  • Unlimited clients/patients
  • Includes all features of solo plan including additional features such as 1 Custom Wellness Plan, On-boarding Support and Customer Support Representative

4. Practice Plan ($249/month)

  • Best for building your brand
  • Branded app on every patient’s phone
  • 10 practitioners
  • Unlimited clients/patients
  • Includes all features of pro plan including additional features such as Branded App, Your Mobile App in the Google Play and Apple Store, 3 Custom Wellness Plans and Integration with Your Shopify Store (optional)

10. SimplePractice

SimplePractice is yet another practice management software or the private practice software that allows you to operate fully virtual, in-office or anywhere in between. The SimplePractice completely goes digital and is fully integrated with telehealth, online booking, paperless intake and so on.


The SimplePractice also works similar to the MBody360 and Healthie and it is also a HIPAA-compliant software. The SimplePractice comes with a telehealth suite that enables practitioners to develop their telehealth business rapidly in no time with most preferred features such as scheduling appointments, collecting payments and setting up video sessions.

The SimplePractice provides the clients an option of easy-to-use web based portal experience. Along with this the SimplePractice also provides an app-based experience through you can manage your clients easily and effectively.

The best part of SimplePractice is that you can actually create, file, and monitor the claims through the system itself which makes it a great fit for those coaches who would love to work in a traditional healthcare setting.

The SimplePractice practice management software offers everything you need right from booking to billing which includes plenty of features such as telehealth, client portal, scheduling, documentation, billing, insurance, mobile app, support and so on.

The SimplePractice was voted as the #1 mental health software in the year 2020. Since it was started from 2012, the SimplePractice now helps,

  • 100K+ practitioners to simply their business
  • 44M+ clients get the help they need
  • $9.5B+ revenue made by their private practices


SimplePractice Software Features:

  • The #1 practice management software with telehealth, online booking, paperless intakes, and more
  • Telehealth feature offers HIPAA-compliant video appointments including screen sharing
  • Client portal helps to centralize your client communication with a secure and online portal
  • Scheduling helps to send free reminders and schedule appointments on your time and on your terms
  • Documentation helps to streamline all of your intake and documentation needs in one place
  • Billing helps to simplify client payments with AutoPlay and online credit card processing
  • Insurance feature helps to file primary and secondary insurance claims electronically in seconds
  • Mobile app helps to handle everything from scheduling to billing
  • Take control of your schedule with the option to choose which services are bookable online, accept or decline appointments, and send free automated reminders
  • Save time with custom made templates that allows you to choose from hundreds of templates for progress notes, SOAP notes, assessments, intake forms, and more
  • Helps to streamline your payment process with store credit cards for easy billing, allow clients to make secure payments, and file insurance claims with ease
  • Manage client care in real time with client portal, professional website, custom reminders and secure messaging
  • 96% practitioner satisfaction


Simple Practice Pricing:

All the plans of SimplePractice offers a 30-day free trial with no credit card needed, no contracts, change anytime and tax deductible. The SimplePractice offers 2 pricing plans namely,

1. Solo Practice Plan

The solo practice plan comes with 2 pricing plans that comes with unique features.

A. Essential Plan ($39/month)

Designed for the single clinician that’s just getting started. Upgrade at anytime.

This plan offers key features such as unlimited clients, client portal, paperless intakes, diagnosis and treatment plans, free appointment reminders, online payments and much more.


B. Professional Plan ($59/month)

Designed for the business-savvy clinician. Add additional clinicians as needed.

All the features of essential plan including many more features such as custom templates, custom appointment reminders, online booking, booking widget, claim filing and payment reports, secure messaging, administrative notes, free billers and schedulers, add-on: telehealth, add-on: wiley planners, add-on: professional website, add-on: monarch and much more.


2. Group Practice Plan

The group practice plan is another pricing plan from SimplePractice that offers pricing plan based on number of clinicians. The starter plan starts at $98/month that includes $59 for first clinician + $39 for each additional clinician (x1). This pricing plans keeps growing based on the number of clinicians:

  • $98/month for Professional Plan with 2 Clinicians [$59 for first clinician + $39 for each additional clinician (x1)]
  • $137/month for Professional Plan with 3 Clinicians [$59 for first clinician + $39 for each additional clinician (x2)]
  • $176/month for Professional Plan with 4 Clinicians [$59 for first clinician + $39 for each additional clinician (x3)]
  • $215/month for Professional Plan with 5 Clinicians [$59 for first clinician + $39 for each additional clinician (x4)]
  • $254/month for Professional Plan with 6 Clinicians [$59 for first clinician + $39 for each additional clinician (x5)]
  • $293/month for Professional Plan with 7 Clinicians [$59 for first clinician + $39 for each additional clinician (x6)]
  • $332/month for Professional Plan with 8 Clinicians [$59 for first clinician + $39 for each additional clinician (x7)]
  • $371/month for Professional Plan with 9 Clinicians [$59 for first clinician + $39 for each additional clinician (x8)]
  • $410/month for Professional Plan with 10 Clinicians [$59 for first clinician + $39 for each additional clinician (x9)]

11. Quenza

Quenza is one of the online platforms that is for practitioners who want to be of more value to their clients by offering digital and automated support. The Quenza is a platform that is more focused towards mind-fullness and mental well-being. Quenza was developed by the founders of PositivePsychology.com.


The Quenza is one of the practice-based platforms for practitioners such as coaches, therapists, mental health practitioners, workshop facilities, counselors, social workers and healthcare professionals.  

Quenza was designed according to the latest Privacy by Design standards in order to secure all data and ensure the privacy of you and your clients. This makes Quenza both HIPAA and GDPR compliant


Quenza Features:

Quenza is one of the best user-friendly online tool that helps you,

  • Offer clients value beyond one-on-one sessions
  • Keep your clients engaged and on track
  • Eliminate time spent on email & record keeping
  • Scale your practice by digitally helping more clients
  • Store all client data safely and securely
  • Run your practice on the go from any device
  • Easily build your own activities, such as exercises, psycho-education, intake forms, reflection prompts, and surveys with drag and drop your own activities
  • Drag and drop your own activities with the activity builder
  • Choose from premade activities so that you can select popular science-based exercises, assessments, and tools
  • Create and send automated care pathways such as automated series of activities to clients without worrying about email or organizational hassle
  • Send a fully automated series of activities to your clients with the pathway builder
  • Instantly view responses and results so that you can monitor and stay on top of your clients’ progress
  • Boost client engagement with the client app
  • Save client notes in one convenient place
  • Customize everything with Quenza’s white label
  • Multilingual client app with almost 16 different languages


Quenza Pricing:

The Quenza is available in 3 pricing plans which offers different-different features. Not only that all the plans of Quenza comes with a 30-day trial where-in you can get full access to all the features. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time. No contracts, no hidden charges. Please note that the $1 trial payment is non-refundable.

The following are the pricing plans of Quenza:

1. Lite Plan ($49/month)

The Lite Plan includes features such as 15 clients, 20 activities, 5 pathways, send credits up to 250 activities/month, 10 expansions, chat, and client notes. 

2. Standard Plan ($89/month)

The Standard Plan includes features such as 50 clients, 100 activities, 20 pathways, send credits up to 1500 activities/month, 20 expansions, chat, client notes, and white label.

3. Unlimited Plan ($149/month)

The Unlimited Plan includes features such as unlimited clients, unlimited activities, unlimited pathways, send credits unlimited activities/month, unlimited expansions, chat, client notes, and white label.

12. MyCoachOffice

MyCoachOffice is yet another business management system that helps to coaches to grow. It is yet another online coaching platform that is focused on business management system. You can easily manage clients, calendar, coaching sessions, invoicing, along with the access to business growth and marketing resources to scale your business.


The best part of MyCoachOffice is that it helps to get your coaching business online and successfully. The system is simple to get started and scalable as you grow. Hence, the MyCoachOffice is a collective of talented people striving to help coaches share their gifts for positive change.

The MyCoachOffice is one of the business management systems that is designed by coaches for coaches. Thus, the MyCoachOffice offers one of the best coaching business tools for coaches to grow their businesses to the next level.

The MyCoachBusiness offers one-stop-shop solutions to stay organized where in a coach can have more of the business management capabilities which helps new coaching businesses to get started in no time and hassle-free. It also offers discounts for new coaches too.


MyCoachOffice Features:

  • Full client management including features such as group email, coaching calendar, all client information in one place and invoicing
  • You can run your business from anywhere that offers features such as client files can be accessed from anywhere securely and backed up
  • One-on-one or group coaching that offers features such as full membership site for online courses, reporting, coaching session journal, and create coaching groups
  • Admin centre that offers all your business tools in one place
  • Coach and client access with interactive platform for coaches and clients
  • Business growth tools along with business and marketing resources to scale
  • 10 minute setup offers branding, pre-filled coaching frameworks and integrates with any website
  • Private coaching file for each coaching client
  • Online calendar with client self scheduling
  • Client login page with your branding
  • Client invoicing and billing reports
  • Mass email all clients or groups
  • ICF Coaching Hours Report
  • Coaching Quality Assurance Reporting
  • Deliver as many online courses as you like
  • Online client resource library


MyCoachOffice Pricing:

The MyCoachOffice offers a 14-day free trial period and doesn’t require any credit card. Apart from this the MyCoachOffice offers 3 pricing plans to choose from and they are as follows:

1. MCO Kick-Starter at $24/month

  • For New Coaches
  • Up to 10 Clients
  • 1 Coach
  • Additional Features of MyCoachOffice

2. MCO Premium at $49/month

  • For Experienced Coaches
  • Unlimited Clients
  • 1 Coach
  • Additional Features of MyCoachOffice

3. MCO Enterprise at $99/month ($69/month for the first 100 coaches only)

  • For Multiple Coaches
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Up to 10 Coaches
  • Additional Features of MyCoachOffice

13. Vcita

If you are looking for an online coaching platform that offers digital coaching solutions then you can choose Vcita which helps you to easy to support your clients anywhere and anytime. Vcita is one of the all-in-one business scheduling  app that offers everything that you need to manage your coaching practice on a single platform on Vcita.


It doesn’t matter whether you are running a lifestyle business and you are a lifestyle coach or you employ multiple business coaches so that you can support your growing enterprise, then the Vcita is the one that offers everything you need. Thanks to the online scheduling feature of Vcita that helps to embed an appointment calendar either on your website or blog or share it via email or on social media embedding.

With Vcita you can easily prevent double-booking with the help of scheduling meeting. Thanks to its quick sync up with google calendar that helps you to reserve clients slot and also blocks the slot for others. This also enables it for auto mail confirmation to client along with Zoom video URL, whether it could be an appointment, or upcoming session everything happens automated their by sending auto reminders.

What makes Vcita online coaching platform to stand out from most other scheduling apps is that “the customizable client portal”. The Vcita also helps in scheduling, cancelling, and rebooking appointments. Addition to this the clients can also perform the following options:

  • Pay online
  • Share and access files including worksheets, invoices, menu plans, exercises and so on
  • Review their past communications with your office


Vcita Features:

  • Amazing easy-to-use user-friendly dashboard
  • Zoom integration for video conferencing and video-based sessions
  • Credit Card or PayPal secure payment processing
  • Private and direct messaging between client and coach
  • File sharing and uploading
  • Two-way syncing with Google Calendar
  • SMS and Email meeting reminders


Vcita Pricing:

The Vcita is available in 3 pricing plans to choose from. All the Pricing Plans of Vcita comes with a 14-days trial period without any credit card. All the pricing plans of Vcita is based on the number of team size you have. As the team size increases, the price also increases.

1. Essentials Plan (Starts at $19/month, when billed annually)

2. Business Plan (Starts at $45/month, when billed annually)

3. Platinum Plan (Starts at $75/month, when billed annually)

Apart from this, the Pricing Plans of Vcita is as follows, when billed annually:

1. Team Size 1 Pricing Plan:

  • Essential – $19/month
  • Business – $45/month
  • Platinum – $75/month

2. Team Size 2 to 4 Pricing Plan:

  • Business – $65/month
  • Platinum – $91/month

3. Team Size 5 to 10 Pricing Plan:

  • Business – $117/month
  • Platinum – $164/month

4. Team Size 11 to 20 Pricing Plan:

  • Business – $196/month
  • Platinum – $274/month

14. Nutrium

If you are a coach who are into nutrition or dietitian business, then Nutrium is the one for you that offers online coaching platform that helps nutrition coaches to easily work with your clients online so that they can reach their lifestyle goals and health effectively and quickly.


The Nutrium offers client support between in-person consultations. This you can also use it for transitioning your nutritional coaching online. 

To make the most of Nutrium, all you have to do is to collect the clients information and add it into the Nutrium dashboard. Once done you can able to create and email meal plans such as drink more water, what to eat for breakfast, how much calories to intake and so on with the help of automatic plan reminders.

The Nutrium helps the client to record their water intake, weight, exercise counts and other physical activities. You can also use AppleHealth or GoogleFit that offers integration to Nutrium. Nutrium also has a messaging integration that enables quick and easy communication between coaches and clients.

Thanks to the user-friendly Nutrium dashboard that enables easy online booking and virtual consultations with integration to Zoom. Google Hangouts and Skype too. However, there is one drawback that the Nutrium doesn’t offer you the payment option for which you need to go for separate platform or need to look for other payment options either manually or any other payment offering software.


Nutrium Features:

  • Virtual consultations and in-person consultations
  • Easily create and maintain client nutrition along with health records
  • Video conferencing integration via Zoom, Google Hangouts and Skype
  • Telehealth integration for Nutritionists and Dietitians
  • Quick and fast online appointment booking
  • Mobile app for clients to monitor their health records
  • Create meal plans, email and track
  • Appointment reminders to remind meals, calorie intakes, water intakes and so on
  • Best for running your nutrition practitioners
  • Nutrition software for professionals to manage their business
  • Nutrition analysis, meal planning, and practice management in one place
  • 15+ food composition databases
  • Nutrient and dietary assessment tool
  • Evidence-based recommendations
  • GDPR and HIPAA security


Nutrium Pricing:

Nutrium offers two different pricing plans that can be personalized to your monthly client volume. The pricing plans of Nutrium software has packages that are either billed annually, semiannually, quaterly and monthly.  The two packages of Nutrium are as follows:

  • Meal Plan Package (Starts at $28/month for up to 10 clients)
  • Follow-up Package (Starts at $44/month for up to 10 clients)
  • Meal Plan Package (Starts at $44.80/month for up to 25 clients)
  • Follow-up Package (Starts at $60.80/month for up to 25 clients)
  • Meal Plan Package (Starts at $61.60/month for up to 75 clients)
  • Follow-up Package (Starts at $77.60/month for up to 75 clients)
  • Meal Plan Package (Starts at $78.40/month for more than 75 clients)
  • Follow-up Package (Starts at $94.40/month for more than 75 clients)

Additional Tools to Enhance Online Coaching Platforms [2022]

Even though there are so many online coaching platforms that are available in the market, not all of them might fit in your requirements. Some might lack the features or some might won’t offer what exactly you are looking for. So, you need additional tools that helps you effectively and efficiently manage your coaching business with ease.

Here are few of the softwares or tools that you can make use of to run your online coaching business:

Best Lead Generation Tools [2022]

When it comes to online lead generation there is no other strategy that can come in handy is the best email marketing strategy that enable you the option of lead generation in no time. The lead generation tools not only helps you to skyrocket your business but also helps to build a loyal customer base who would love to keep coming back to you.

Thus, to effectively grow your business you need best lead generation software that goes hand-in-hand with your online coaching business and earns as many as customers so that you can make the best of it.

Here are few of the best lead generation tools that you can start using along with your coaching business:

1. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is one of the best lead generation tool that you can ever find in the market that easily helps in converting your visitors into leads and long-time customers. This lead generation tool helps your coaching business to grow even more faster.


The best part of OptinMonster is that no matter what kind of coaching website you are running including B2B, SaaS, ECommerce, Blogs, and so on, you will find the perfect tools integration’s that you can easily use to generate leads.

You can use OptinMonster with the below 5 strategies to generate leads:

1. Create stunning onsite marketing campaigns that includes, Lightbox popup, Floating bar, Full-screen welcome mat, Inline form, Slide-in and Coupon wheel optins

2. Seamless integration with your site and tools that works on WordPress, Shopify, HTML site and so on

3. 50+ stunning pre-built campaign templates

4. Drag and drop campaign builder

5. Laser focused targeting with powerful personalization, A/B testing and so on


OptinMonster Pricing:

The OptinMonster Pricing Plans starts at $9/month for Basic Plan. Here are the full pricing plans of OptinMonster:

1. Basic Plan starts at $9/month

2. Plus Plan starts at $19/month

3. Pro Plan starts at $29/month

4. Growth Plan starts at $49/month

2. TrustPulse

When it comes to TrustPulse, lead generation process becomes easier with its best social proof notification plugin. If you are looking for one of the best and easiest ways of lead generation marketing then the TrustPulse is the one you should go for.


The TrustPulse has effective lead generation with its social proof plugin. Whenever any user takes an action on your site, the TrustPulse shows a notification each time. With the display of recent purchases helps you to increase the conversion rates almost by up to 15%.


TrustPulse Pricing:

The Basic Plan of TrustPulse starts at $9 per month. The rest of the Pricing Plans of TrustPulse are as follows:

1. Basic Package Plan starts at $9/month

2. Plus Package Plan starts at $19/month

3. Pro Package Plan starts at $29/month

4. Growth Package Plan starts at $49/month

3. SeedProd

The SeedProd is yet another powerful and best landing page builder that offers you to create sales pages, squeeze pages, coming soon pages, launch pages, under construction pages and so on. With such pages you can easily able to generate leads for you coaching or any business online.



SeedProd Pricing:

The SeedProd offers 4 pricing plans to choose from. The starter pack of basic plan starts at $39.50 per year. The rest of the pricing plans of SeedProd are as follows:

1. Basic Plan starts at $39.50/year

2. Plus Plan starts at $99.50/year

3. Pro Plan starts at $199.50/year

4. Elite Bundle Plan starts at $239.60/year

4. WPForms

WPForms is an eady to build and easy to use Form Builder for your website. The WPForms helps you easily add a simple lead generation form to your website with drag and drop feature. The best part of WPForms is that they include best lead generation features such as Survey Forms, Quizzes and Polls.



WPForms Pricing:

The WPForms comes with 4 Pricing Plans to choose from, in which the basic plan starts at $39.50 per year. The pricing plans of WPForms are as follows:

1. Basic Plan starts at $39.50/year

2. Plus Plan starts at $99.50/year

3. Pro Plan starts at $199.50/year

Elite Plan starts at $299.50/year

5. Constant Contact

If you are looking for an alternative to MailChimp then the Constant Contact is the one for you. The Constant Contact offers the best supportive features and tools to generate leads. This lead generation tools also offers exclusive online training and webinars to help your succeed in your business.



Constant Contact Pricing:

The Constant Contact offers two simple pricing plans that you can choose for lead generation strategies. The pricing plans of constant contact are:

1. Email Plan starts at $20/month

2. Email Plus starts at $45/month

Best Online Form Builders [2022]

Apart from having the best lead generation tools alongside the best coaching platforms its also important to have the best online form builders that full-fills the emptiness of not having the online forms to generate leads and increase your customer base. These easy to create forms online helps in everything from customer feedback, reviews, and so on with easy drag and drop feature.

No matter whether you are running a coaching business or any other business, the online forms comes in handy. Whether you sell a service or a product you need to know what the customers are thinking  so that it can help you convert your visitors into leads.

Hence, the online forms becomes an integral part of project management software including customer relationship management (CRM) software. The best part of these form builders is that they can be prepared as per your requirements and design the way you want. Many of the online form builders are available in the internet offers free form builders but some also offers premium versions of online form builders.

Here are few of the best online form builders that you can try for your business:

1. HubSpot Free Online Form Builder

If you are looking for the best free form builder online is the HubSpot free online form builder that is completely free to use. This form builder is perfect for those businesses that are small-sized businesses and mid-sized businesses. The free version of HubSpot offers you to create up to 1000 form fields.


The HubSpot online form builder offers easy to use drag and drop form builder which can be embedded into a website just within a matter of seconds. The HubsSpot form builder includes 12 different types of field types such as checkbox, text, drop down, date picker, radio select and so on.


Key Features:

  • Free for up to 1000 form fields
  • Easy to use drag and drop functionality
  • Offers 12 different field types for forms creation
  • Can be easily integrated with HubSpot services

2. Gravity Forms

If you are looking for a form builder that offers a WordPress Plugin then the Gravity Forms is the one you must go for. This is one of the powerful  feature-packed online form builders.


The best part of gravity forms is that it offers an easy to use intuitive drag and drop interface along with other features such as custom HTML insertion, conditional formatting and so on. It also offers integration’s with third-party services such as PayPal, Slack, Zapier, MailChimp and so on. There is also a trail version of the Gravity Forms which you can try.


Key Features:

  • Established services
  • Best WordPress plugin for form builder
  • Third-Party integration’s with PayPal, Slack, Zapier, MailChimp and so on
  • Free trial available


Gravity Forms Pricing:

1. Basic License at $59/year for 1 Site

2. Pro License at $159/year for 3 Sites

3. Elite License at $259/year for Unlimited Sites

Create Your First Form Today…

3. Typeform

If you are looking for an online form builder that offers a well-designed form builder then the Typeform is the one you must go for. The Typoform is the best online form builder that helps you design an awesome forms for your website. It’s user interface is very smooth which helps visitors to get engaged and covert them into leads.


You can write questions in the conversational tone and can add images, videos, animated GIF’s that helps to increase conversion rates. The visitors will love to keep answering one after the other. Apart from this you can also customize a welcome screen with the help of Typeform along with simple analytics to provide insights at a glance.

The Typeform has built-in integrations with Google Sheets and MailChimp along with addition to 500+ integrations with Zapier that helps in additional functionality giving you the best results of lead conversion.


Key Features:

  • Offers to create awesome easy to use beautiful designed forms
  • Offers multimedia integrations such as images, videos, and animated GIF’s to the forms
  • Integrations with Google Sheets, MailChimp and Zapier
  • Offers free plan for tryout


Typeform Pricing:

1. Basic Plan at $25/month for 1 User

2. Plus Plan at $50/month for 3 Users

3. Business Plan at $83/month for 5 Users

4. WuFoo

If you are looking for a form builder online that offers rich data collection then WuFoo form builder is the one that you must go for. WuFoo is one of the best form builders online that offers you to collect rich data and integrate the same with complex reporting and detailed analytics.


Apart from this the WuFoo also offers you the option of files collection and payments without even writing any code. The WuFoo is one of the best well known form builders which is being used by most of the tech giants including Microsoft, Disney, Best Buy, Amazon, Twitter, Sony and so on.

The WuFoo helps you collect payments through its payment partners such as PayPal and Stripe.


Key Features:

  • Best form builder for rich data collection
  • Helps to interrogate complex reporting and detailed analytics
  • Accepts online payments and collects files
  • Integration with payment partners such as PayPal and Stripe


WuFoo Pricing:

The WuFoo offers five pricing plans to choose from. In which the first starter pack is the Free Plan that is absolutely for free where in you can build and share basic forms where in you can collect limited numberof responses.

1. Free Plan ($0/month) for Build, share basic forms and collect limited number of responses

2. Starter Plan ($14.08/month) for Customize branding, send confirmation email, and automate your workflows

3. Professional Plan ($29.08/month) for Collect payments, create unlimited forms, add additional users and secure your forms

4. Advanced Plan ($74.08/month) for Increase your max entries, users, file storage and API requests

5. Ultimate Plan ($183.25/month) for Everything in advanced with increased limits so you can manage all of your data collection and automated needs

5. Microsoft Forms

Microsoft forms are the ones which are built for home, education and business use. Microsoft forms are the alternatives for Google Forms.


The Microsoft forms can be used to create surveys, measure employee satisfaction, collect customer feedback, organize events and so on. The Microsoft forms helps to collect real time responses and automatically visualizes data for deeper insights.


Key Features:

  • Create Surveys, Quizzes, Feedback Forms and so on
  • Collect real time responses and Automatic data visualization
  • Easily organize events
  • Alternative to Google Forms

Best Appointment Booking Software [2022]

Even though you have best online coaching software’s it doesn’t necessary that you also have the best online scheduling software for booking your appointments. This is where the appointment booking software’s comes in handy.

The appointment scheduling software’s makes it easier for you to book schedules with you clients. But also they help clients to take appointments either with their apps or website or client portal.

Here are few of the best appointment booking software over the internet that you can try:

1. Calendly

If you are looking for the best online scheduling software for your business then Calendly is the one that fulfills all of your requirements. The Calendly is the best software that offers scheduling meetings professionally and efficiency by eliminating the hassle of back and forth emails so that you can complete your work with ease.


Calendly allows you to schedule your meetings in 3 simple steps, meaning, Create simple rules, Share your link and Get booked. Apart from this Calendly makes it easier for you to schedule your meetings by only offering times that work with your availability across all of your calendars.

The Calendly offers very amazing intuitive design and easy to use interface that helps you keep your customers in-tact, improves and increases conversion rates thus gaining you more leads to your business. Not only that the Calendly helps you automate reminders and follow-ups.


Key Features:

  • Automate reminders and follow-ups
  • Make more connections and reduce cancellations with just few clicks
  • Delight invitees with modern scheduling
  • Stripe and PayPal integrations enable your clients to submit payment
  • Website embed and customized branding
  • Connect to Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and GoToMeeting
  • Over 700 app integrations with Zapier
  • Connect to Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, Intercom and Mailchimp
  • Collect payments with Stripe and PayPal
  • Track with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
  • Connect to Google, Office 365, Outlook, and iCloud calendars


Calendly Pricing:

The Calendly offers 4 pricing plans to choose from depending upon your needs and requirements.

1. Basic Plan (Always free) for Individuals who are just getting started

2. Premium Plan ($8/month) for Individuals or Small Teams who need customization and advanced features

3. Pro Plan ($12/month) for Team and Businesses with additional scheduling needs

4. Enterprise Plan (Depending upon your Requirements) for Large Businesses with advanced security, control and support needs

2. SimplyBook.me

Simplybook.me is yet another online booking system for all service based industries. All you have to do is define your services and providers, display their availability, and you will have clients both old and new making bookings 24×7. The best part of Simplybook.me is that it offers iOS app as well as Android app too.


The Simplybook.me has also launched Covid vaccination program bookings no matter whether its mass vaccination scheduling and Covid testing that is perfect for health authorities, hospitals, laboratories and clinic providing COVID-19 vaccination.

The Simplybook.me offers 17+ custom templates that helps you customize your website with pre-made templates or booking widgets that perfectly fit to your company brand. Apart from this it also offers both Client App as well as Admin App too.

The Simplybook.me offers you the option of accepting bookings from more channels or multiple channels. The Simplybook.me offers channels including, facebook, booking website by Simplybook.me, booking.page, Instagram, Widget on your website and Google Maps Bookings.

The Simplybook.me offers one stop solution for service businesses such as Sports & Fitness, Beauty and Wellness, Educational, Events and Entertainment, Personal Meetings & Services, Medical & Health Services and so on.


Key Features:

  • Best online booking software for service based industries
  • Accept online bookings with your own mobile-optimised booking website
  • Notifications via SMS/Email including reminders to staff and clients
  • Client and Admin app offer clients your own personalized client app
  • Accept online payments and deposits through PayPal, Stripe and so on
  • Integration and API connect for Facebook, Instagram, GoogleMyBusiness, WordPress and so on
  • Custom features such as coupons and gift cards
  • 17 Custom Templates to customize your own site along with booking widgets
  • Secure communication and data backed daily with features like HIPAA, SOAP, Password and SSL


SimplyBook.me Pricing:

The SimplyBook.me offers 4 pricing plans to choose from, out of which the starter package for free. Apart from this it also offers different packages for booking packages and SMS packages at different prices. Here are the 4 pricing plans of SimplyBook.me.

1. Free Plan (absolutely free) for 50 included bookings, 1 custom feature, 5 users/providers and so on

2. Basic Plan ($9.9/month) for 100 included bookings, 3 custom feature, 15 users/providers and so on

3. Standard Plan ($29.9/month) for 500 included bookings, 8 custom feature, 25 users/providers and so on

4. Premium Plan ($59.9/month) for 2000 included bookings, unlimited custom feature, 50 users/providers and so on

You can also enjoy the 14-day trial that includes most features and 50 bookings without any credit card. Also below are the booking packages and SMS packages if you need extra bookings and SMS options:

Booking Packages:

  • 200 bookings for $14
  • 2000 bookings for $70
  • 15000 bookings expire in 6 months for $300
  • 30000 bookings expire in 6 months for $500

SMS Packages:

  • 50 SMS Credits for $5
  • 100 SMS credits for $7
  • 500 SMS credits for $35
  • 1000 SMS credits for $70
  • 20000 SMS credits for $1400

3. Zoho

Zoho is one of the best online scheduler software that helps you offer the best consultations and is the most preferred over the internet. Zoho bookings easily syncs your calendars that easily helps customers self-schedule and pay for appointments.


The Zoho has an amazing user interface that helps to auto-customize based on your industry that makes it easier for you schedule appointments with its smart scheduling. The Zoho appointment scheduling offers productive, professional and is painless.

The best part of Zoho bookings is that it can be integrated with most of popular apps. Sync your appointments, calls, and meetings, and be sure you’re never double booked.

The Zoho has a long list of apps that can be integrated such as Zoho Sites, Zoho CRM, Zoho Meeting, Calendar, Zoho Assist, Zoho Flow, Google, Microsoft Teams, PayPal, Zapier, Authorize.net, Stripe, Razorpay, Slack, Salesforce, MailChimp and so on.


Key Features:

  • Reduce email back-and-forth so that customers can check your availability online and book with you
  • Eliminate no-shows meaning you can remind customers with email and text messages
  • Qualify appointments meaning you can add questions to your appointment booking form with custom fields
  • Meet online or offline depending upon your and clients needs and timing
  • Impress your customers by personalizing your booking page to match your online branding or just embed it on your site
  • Generate more revenue with hassle-free scheduling


Zoho Bookings Pricing:

The Zoho booking is available in 3 pricing plans for you to choose from:

1. Free Plan (Rs.0/month) for 1 Staff

2. Basic Plan (Rs.1200/month) for 4 Staff

3. Premium Plan (Rs.3600/month) for 10 Staff

4. Setmore

If you are looking for a free scheduling software that offers online booking too then the Setmore is the one you must go for. The Setmore helps you Organize your business with 24/7 automated online booking, reminders, payments, and more.


The Setmore helps you to centralize your bookings, meaning you can able to manage all your appointments through one online calendar planner that helps your business to run like a clockwork. Not only that, the Setmore gives you the freedom to book anywhere as this comes with a web-based 24/7 self-scheduling and easy payments, meaning your personalized calendar helps you get more bookings.

With Setmore you can able to customize your schedule planner in just 3 simple steps, Create your custom-branded URL, Add your own logos and brand visuals and Integrate with your website, Facebook and Instagram. That’s it.


Key Features:

  • Best free scheduling software with booking feature
  • Offers 24/7 automated online bookings
  • Manage all appointments through one online calendar planner
  • Accept payments easily and securely online
  • Add video meeting links to your appointments with the Zoom or Teleport integrations
  • Customize your virtual office with personalized page URLs, logos, colors and more
  • Integrate your Setmore calendar with your favorite apps for seamless scheduling
  • Customize your schedule planner in 3 simple steps


Setmore Pricing:

The Setmore offers 3 pricing plans to manage all your appointments or bookings. Here are the pricing plans of Setmore:

1. Free Plan ($0/user/month) for up to 4 users

2. Premium Plan ($9/user/month) for up to 2 users

3. Pro Plan ($5/user/month) for 3+ users

The Premium Plan and the Pro Plans of Setmore offers 30-day money back guarantee.

5. Square Appointments

If you are looking for a meeting scheduling software that too flexible and has payment platform, then the Square Appointments is the that is best available flexible meeting scheduler platform.


The best part of Square Appointments is that you can easily manage your availability from the app so that your clients can book online and send reminders.


Key Features:

  • The all-in-one point of sale for booking, payments, and more
  • Manage your availability from the app, let clients book online and send reminders
  • Check out at the counter, keep a card on file or send an invoice for flexible sale option
  • See all customer history, texts and emails in one place with Square Messages
  • Auto-created customer profiles
  • Attach contracts and files with key information
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Customer notes and reminders


Square Appointments Pricing:

The Square Appointments allows you to estimate your monthly cost with the number of staff calendar that you need. Also they offer custom pricing when you have more than 10 employees. Here is the pricing plan of Square Appointments:

1. Free for 1 staff calendar

2. $50/month for 2 to 5 staff calendars

3. $90/month for 6 to 10 staff calendars

Best Video Conferencing Apps [2022]

If you own a company or if you own a business and your employees sits in different locations or you might be serving your customers in various countries and regions or you are working remotely and need to connect with them seamlessly so that you can get the work done the you need the best video conferencing app that helps you get your work done in real time.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and work from home cultures has made many industries to look fro video conferencing apps. These meeting apps makes one-to-one meetings or group meetings simpler and easier. Thanks to the video meeting apps that are available in the internet that you can choose. But before you choose you must to go through all the features of video meeting apps.

Now today we have many video conferencing apps that are helping many businesses including coaching business to make meetings count and ensure that the work is done and targets are reached. Thanks to the video conference apps such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and so on who made the life simpler.

Here are few of the best video conferencing apps that you can try:

1. Zoom

When you think of a video conferencing app that is most popular video conferencing app, then the Zoom is the one that is offering solutions for business. Zoom is the power-feature-packed video conferencing app that has various plans based on the size of your business and your business needs.


If you are an individual and hardly do any video meetings then Zoom offers free version which you can make use of. But if you own a business and has more hosts who are attending the meeting and need more features then you can go for the paid plans of zoom. Zoom has the capacity to host 100+/300+/500+ hosts at a time in a single meeting based on the plans


Zoom Meetings Pricing:

Zoom Meeting comes with 4 Pricing Plans of meeting plans to choose from. The best part is the Free Plan which is absolutely free to use where in you can host up to 100 participants. Here are the 4 pricing plans of Zoom Meeting:

1. Free Plan ($0/year) for Personal Meetings

  • Host up to 100 participants
  • Unlimited group meetings for up to 40 minutes
  • Unlimited one-on-one meetings with no time limit
  • Private & Group Chat

2. Pro Plan ($149.90/year/license) for Great for Small Teams

  • All the benefits of Free, plus:
  • Host up to 100 participants
  • Increase participants up to 1,000 with Large Meetings add-on
  • Group meetings for up to 30 hours
  • Social media streaming
  • 1 GB cloud recording (per license)

3. Business Plan ($199.90/year/license) for Small Businesses

  • All the benefits of Pro, plus:
  • Host up to 300 participants
  • Increase participants up to 1,000 with Large Meetings add-on
  • Single sign-on
  • Recording transcripts
  • Managed domains
  • Company branding

4. Enterprise Plan ($240/year/license) fo Large Enterprise Ready

  • All the benefits of Business, plus:
  • Host up to 500 Participants
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Recording transcripts

2. Skype For Business

Another most popular video conferencing tool from Microsoft is the Skype for Business. The Skype for Business has all the features that you need in a video conferencing app and allows up to 250 attendees to attend the meeting at a time.


Apart from this the free version of Skype offers to connect with less than 10 members for free conference calls from your computer, phone or tablet. Now a days most of the businesses are using Skype for Business as their video meeting app.

3. Slack

Slack is yet another popular collaboration tool used all over the world that offers one of the best integrated video conferencing features. It offers easiest ways to make quick calls.


The best part of Slack is that it offers one-to-one instant chat options that avoids long waiting for responses through emails. Slack is a great tool for integrating hybrid teams, thanks to the add-on video conferencing functionality of Slack that makes this possible.

You can start channels for video calling and can add up to 15 people at a time on a free account of Slack, which makes it easier for one-to-one video chat simpler. However, if you need a larger team for video conferencing or video chat then you need a customized or higher plans of Slack to make the most of it.


Slack Pricing:

The Slack offers 4 types of pricing plans to choose from to get started with. The pricing plans of Slack are as follows:

1. Free Plan ($0/month) for 10K message history, 10 app integrations, 5 GB file storage, 1 workspace and much more

2. Pro Plan ($2.67/month) for Unlimited message history, unlimited app integrations, 10 GB file storage, 1 workspace and much more

3. Business+ Plan ($5/month) for Unlimited message history, unlimited app integrations, 20 GB file storage, 1 workspace and much more

4. Enterprise Grid Plan is the pricing plan that is based on your needs and requirements

4. BigBlueButton

The next in our video conferencing app is the BigBlueButton that offers the best teaching capabilities along with a whiteboard capability for the best teaching experience and meeting capabilities. The BigBlueButton is one of the best video coaching app built by teachers for teachers which is categorized in education and online learning.


The BigBlueButton is one of the open source tool for video conferencing which allows you to add add-ons and integrations through third party apps through third-party developers. The BigBlueButton can be customized web conferencing experiences, including integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS) that offers great and seamless student and teacher experience.


BigBlueButton Features:

  • Audio and video screen sharing
  • The option to record sessions for playback
  • Breakout rooms
  • Collaboration tools such as whiteboard, shared notes, and polling

5. BlueJeans

The next in our list the BlueJeans by Verizon that is one of the best full-featured web conferencing app which can be integrated with many well-known collaboration tools. The BlueJeans has launched one of the newest plans that offers unlimited recordings, real-time transcription and much more.


The BlueJeans is the best video conferencing app when it comes to the digital workplace. For today’s world, the BlueJeans offers many of its tools including Meetings, Events, Rooms, Gateway, Telehealth and so on. The BlueJeans has incorporated with Dolby Audio that gives great experience for video calling and voice calling.


BlueJeans Pricing:

The BlueJeans Meetings is available in 3 pricing plans to chooses from, among which one is the Free Plan. Here are the pricing plans of BlueJeans:

1. Free Trial Plan ($0 for 1 month) – Best for personal meetings

Key Features:

  • 1 month free trial
  • Unlimited access for 1 month
  • No Credit Card required
  • Upgrade to a paid plan anytime
  • Host up to 50 participants
  • Limited meeting Recording
  • Unlimited 1:1 meetings
  • Unlimited group meetings
  • Meet as long as you want

2. Pro Plan ($13.80/month) – Best for small and medium businesses

Key Features:

  • Host up to 150 participants
  • 25 Hours of Meeting Recording/Host
  • Unlimited 1:1 meetings
  • Unlimited group meetings
  • Meet as long as you want
  • Robust Command Center Analytics
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, & Android

3. Enterprise Plan (Need to contact sales team) – Best for large organizations

Key Features:

  • Talk to our experts
  • Customised Branding options
  • Priority support and onboarding
  • Enhance meetings with premium add-ons
  • Host up to 200 participants
  • Unlimited Recordings
  • Unlimited 1:1 meetings
  • Unlimited group meetings
  • Meet as long as you want
  • Pro Command Center Pro (Live Meeting Controls)
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, & Android
  • H.323/SIP Interop Included
  • Brand Customization
  • All Pro Features +

6. Google Meet

Google Meet is one of the best conference call software app from Google. The Google Meet is the upgraded version of Google Hangouts which was ruled out and overtaken by Google Meet.


The Google Meet also offers the features that are similar to Zoom such as calendar syncing, conference room booking and so on. Google Meet helps to schedule meetings among team members and individual or one-to-one meetings. Individuals can host secure video meetings for free with Google Meet. Teams can use Google Workspace Essentials to get advanced Meet features plus Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides designed for business.


Google Meet Pricing:

The Google Meet offers 2 pricing plans to choose from depending upon the nature of work you do and the business you run. However, the Google Meet is always free with limited features. Here are the pricing plans of Google Meet:

1. Always Free

  • 1:1 meeting length (maximum) for 24 hours
  • Group meeting length – 3+ participants (maximum) for 1 hour
  • 100 maximum meeting participants
  • Unlimited Number of meetings

2. Google Workspace Essentials ($8/active user/month)

  • 1:1 meeting length (maximum) for 24 hours
  • Group meeting length – 3+ participants (maximum) for 24 hours
  • 150 maximum meeting participants
  • Unlimited Number of meetings

3. Google Workspace Enterprise (Contact sales for pricing)

  • 1:1 meeting length (maximum) for 24 hours
  • Group meeting length – 3+ participants (maximum) for 24 hours
  • 250 maximum meeting participants
  • Unlimited Number of meetings


If you are a blogger or a teacher or a businessman, you need one of the best online coaching platforms to coach your students or employees remotely. Remote workplace has become a new norm in this COVID-19 pandemic, especially when the work from home has been implemented by most of the companies.

Thanks to the online coaching sites and online create courses platforms that makes it easier for you to create coaching sessions easier and create courses effectively. Building a coaching business needs a growth mindset and these coaching platforms makes it possible of what you are thinking to achieve.

Choosing the best coaching platform online to be considered based on the team size you have, students you have or employees you have. Apart from this you need to keep an eye on your budget and the features that you are looking for. These coaching platforms really help you in taking your business to the next level.

Hope this article has helped you to choose your best coaching platform online for your coaching business or any other business. Feel free to let us know if you have any recommendations.

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